Gray is so not Grey



I know your game, Ms. Louise Gray (do I address you as Mrs now you're MAWWIED?).  I've got you sussed out.  You are trying to push everything else out of my wardrobe come spring summer 2010 and I'm going to end up SOLELY wearing Louise Gray because I was all weak-headed at your presentation on Saturday and completely fell head ove heels in love with your entire S/S10 collection.  I'm rarely ever a head-to-toe kind of person but with the number of separates you have here, all pulled together in such a way that renders it impossible for me NOT to outfit them in exactly the same kind of way.  Even though that is completely lame and lemming-like and exactly the opposite of how I dress myself.  Again, Ms. Gray has a mystical way of putting these notions into my head. 

Your bright orange do is out to hypnotise me into buying every single thing until I have to beg my mysterious rich Greek landlord (I have never met him…he's somewhat of a mystery to us…) to work out some kind of delayed payment terms.  When I walked in, Tommy of Jak and Jil immediately said that the whole collection was completely 'me'… doh… wonder what gave him that idea, Louise eh?  The distressed quality of the layered fabrics, the patterns, the pairing of different sheer fabrics, the colour combinations, the ideas of layering the different components together, Judy Blame's trashbag additions, Nicholas Kirkwood's flash of fluro orange in the shoes… gah, I could go on…

Above all, Louise, against the tide of nudes, pastels and softy softy, you knocked some colourful sense into my brain and whilst I'm probably going to veer into the pastel tide come summer, some of your outfits here will surely be in my wardrobe to inject some maximalism into it…



IMG_1655 IMG_1656






Rock this Horse



>> I know the shoe fest is a bit tiresome but I did want to make a reMARK about these Marc Jacobs shoes at the show as Katie Grand made a comment about them saying, "This is why I wear flats!".  Seeking out interesting flats that don't just start and end with brogues and ballet pumps has been a bit of a mission of mine ever since my unfortunate clutz attack of a fall last season (for those that asked, the ankle is sort of mended but still twinges a bit sometimes….must get it checked out…).  So yes I was all-hailing Mr Jacobs for the flat-attack, until I saw the dreaded big toe thong.  Try as I might but the damn thing just makes my feet irritated, blister or bleed.  Once again though, Melissa have come up with a slightly questionable but most definitely tempting option in collaboration with Vivienne Westwood again.  These were part of the Red Label show but will be available as early as mid-November for ¬£120. They're a tamed version of Westwood's original Rocking Horse shoe shape with detachable wings if you don't happen to feel like channelling Hermes, the messenger god. Whilst not strictly speaking completely flat, they are at one solid level, like creepers so I'm guessing they're equally as comfy.  Like I said though, I'm pondering them until I see them in the flesh. 

VW Anglomania Wing (Black Marble)

VW Anglomania Wing (Fushcia)