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Today involved a lot of click click clickety click as I was doing a bit of intense work research concerning Japan Fashion Week, something which I've never wholly felt confident writing about because I gather it works in an entirely different way from the big four, exists in a system within Tokyo and without having seen the clothes in person (zero stockists here…), it's even harder to wax lyrical.  Of course there's a whole haul of designers to trawl through that are quite amazing in their own right, though sadly with largely Japanese-only website.  One of the standout names Writtenafterwards, thankfully has thrown an English lifesaver to me and so an afternoon of clicking around ensued, combing through previous collections, projects and newsbites and more Googling.  After all of that, it turns out the work that caught my eye the most were the initial projects/collections of the two founding designers of Writtenafterwards; Yoshikazu Yamagata and Kentaro Tamai (who no longer works for Writtenafterwards)     

Both are Central Saint Martins graduates and so their graduate projects were formulated here… this is Kentaro Tamai's… a set of faded florals, linen and cotton separates… a romantic and rumpled bit of tailoring with a hint of nostalgia that looks perfect hanging on the washing line…





Then there's Yoshikazu Yamagata's giant bra and panties project…. those are some pretty perfect cups there… contrasted in the most hilarious way with the kids who were probably at the age when the word "Bra" is something akin to having the lurgies…



Writtenafterwards have since gone on to do more 'projects' as opposed to seasonal collections but for now, I'm quite content in regressing to the roots of their work…

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  1. ahh thank you so much! i have the image of the bra/pantie saved tomy computer and have been trying to figure out where it is from. thank you!

  2. I did not know those were giant panties and bra at first because I didn’t read the text beforehand and also did not notice the children! I was confused by the proportions though. I think I just thought the panties were plus-size and then the bra next to it made it seem smaller, but the proportions were still off. Then I paid more attention to the pics and saw children. haha.

  3. Really good way to show the clothes. The big bra and knickers somehow made me think of James and the giant peach.

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