Today HAS to be a happy day.  I've been reminded of not one but two of my favourite bowl cut, heavy fringed characters and it's all down to Hong Kong illustrator, make-up artist, fashion designer and general creative multi-tasker May Sum and her Wahahafactory label.  I'm semi-familiar with her make-up editorial work via the smattering of HK mags I receive from the motherland.  However, I didn't know about her accessories label adorned with her illustration work that is stocked at Hong Kong places like LCX and Gallery de Vie.  Then again, it has been a whole three years since I've been back so I'm generally un-clued as to what is going on in general over there. 

Louandme Anyhow, a look through Wahaha's relatively new Etsy store and we're introduced to May Sum's reconfiguration of Barbie.  May is not into Barbie whatsoever.  Instead, she's lost the 'a' and called her Bybie, a gal who likes pearls, perfect bowl-cuts and rosy cheeks.  Bybie's demeanous together with all May's illustrations cumulatively remind me of two people; the young Matsuko in the brilliant Memories of Matsuko (highly recommended DVD watch…) and Chibi Maruko-Chan, a cartoon I was far too old for but watched anyway.  Without going into boring descriptions, suffice to say, Wuhahafactory's work conjures up all the happy things that really make my day even if it is just a brief reminder of watching said film and cartoon…oh and my days with my sis Lou as Miss Bowl Cut 1 and 2.   

As for the accessories themselves, even though I'm supposed to be shedding my weakness for all things kitschy/cute, I'd indulge just for the chuckle factor.   


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  1. OMG I love this, the earring with character drinking throug a straw is fantastic, i love jewelries with quirky funny faces like this, reminds me a bit of yazbukey’s jewelry designs. You and sister look adorable in that picture.

  2. I have a random, and possibly stupid question, but how do I make the music on your site not play when I visit? It’s messing with my Nine Inch Nails, man!
    Hmmm, like how you’ve arranged your links now too – good idea.

  3. ^It’s on the Miranda July Back and Forth post…. you can control the flash with the control in the centre and switch off the music there…i might switch it off entirely now that it’s been up there a day…

  4. haha ah yes.. the ubiquitous bowl cut for little chinese girls. whomever didn’t have one likely grew up in a non-immigrant family.
    i am loving the chib-maruko-chan-meets-twiggy look of this new character.

  5. whaddya mean “supposed to be?” says who? I think you can always work a shot of kitschy cute in there somewheres…. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Especially with jewelry, I think I’ll never outgrow the “hey, that’s kind of neat and different” factor.

  6. Omg Susie, you are KIllING me with that picture!! Even as a tot you were so haute, I love it! I had a bowl cut when I was about 7, but not nearly as rad as yours…
    I’m always down for a bit of kitch… or a lot! The swaroski watch is soooo calling for me. It’s amazing!

  7. Asians do it better.
    No really…. All the best fashionbloggers and foodbloggers always have at least a little asian in them.
    I love it.

  8. Madly in love with those facial expressions! They express everything I feel, and some stuff I didn’t even know I felt (hmm, not much sense there). I shall practice half an hour a day to achieve the same amazing silliness!
    Thanks for sharing

  9. chibi maruko!!! love! wait, wahaha factory, i didn’t know they had a comedic team like that from hong kong too. there’s this wahaha-kompo in japan that is really huge and started by these women comedians back when women were not supposed to be comedians, and they are still hilarious and really out there and huge on tv. anyway i LOVE those accessories and i need some in my life! haha!

  10. What’s the picture with the four girls making that face from? Are they all from different series or something?

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