Volumes Away!

>> I feel like I need to be starting this post with the biblical-esque text that has been pushed out everywhere from gossip weeklies to highbrow broadsheets.  "Big Shoulders are in!" – yup the memo has full filtered down after a couple of seasons and I think even George at Asda is getting in on the game.  When I saw Ada Zanditon's graduate collection though, even though technically, it expounds the 'Volume on the Shoulders' sentiment, I feel the volume is also being pushed in different directions… further from the chest, further from the neck.  So it's still all in the upper part of the body but somehow it all looks more refreshing than the other voluminous things being flounced about.  And the strange thing is, that the collection is more than two years old!

I'm also gonna throw another 'press grabbing' point out there not for the sake of it but because it's very rare that sustainable fashion really stuns me.  Zanditon happens to be a designer that only uses organic and natural fabrics and whilst that is all very well, ultimately it is still her designs that hold up, and not the fact that her use of organic materials that is propping up her label.  Anyhow, Zanditon will be showing as part of Vauxhall Fashion Scout next season so I'm eager to see what she comes up with…. perhaps she'll shed these volumes altogether and push it out elsewhere…





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  1. Hm, I don’t know those are like EXTREME. and you loose your neck! I do agree with the shoulder trend though. I LOVE love lOVE everything about the last one :]!

  2. I don’t often notice this, but that’s a talented model – I love the shapes she’s making in the last 2 pictures especially, they really show off the clothes.
    (Though I’m still more interested in the patterned leggings & the ruching than this sort of volume, I think – prefer my giant shoulders tailored instead.)

  3. The last one is the most wearable of them all and looks amazing..but the first two are so great too..the exaggerated proportions, sooo cool!

  4. Amazing that it´s 2 yrs old, feels very 2009 or even 2010. But I´m not sure about the columinous chest. I prefer that flat.

  5. Patrick Wolf wore the top in the second photo at the c/o pop festival in Cologne, Germany this week!

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