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I'm quite liking the number of S/S 10 previews are popping up, and though obviously none of the biggies are going to be giving up S/S 10 sneaky peeks anytime soon, I'm happy to see that smaller, younger designers don't have to be confined to showing the fruits of their labour earlier/later than the fashion window of September-October.  Brooke Roberts, made her snakeskin structured debut last season and has recently given Kat of Style Lines a very comprehensive S/S 10 peek at the prints that she has developed from animal brain scans (not as gruesome as that sounds…) and the patterns she has derived from them to make some beautiful colour block knitted dresses.

Brooke, sensing that I'm onto a bit of a ring fetish at the moment sent me a little looksy into the jewellery pieces she has been working on for S/S 10 with jeweller Chris Edwards.  Derived from skul cross-sections and complimenting the brain scan prints in her clothes, she has created this static riveted stack ring in silver and rose-gold… 

Skull Ring Flat

…and then this two layered swivel ring that can be twisted around to make different formations…

Skull Spinning 2 Skull Spinning 4

Skull Spinning 1

You can properly see the skull scan shapes on this charm necklace… I love how that you can just about make out that rough skull shape in the cut-outs but you're not really 100% sure whether it is a skull or not… and that Brooke has properly explored cranium anatomy as opposed to using the prescribed, preconception of a skull shape.  I'm betting Kim of King & Queen of Bethnal Green will be getting these pieces in to the shop as one of the few stockists of Brooke's work.  On a separate KQBG note, their newly set-up blog is tempting me with their displays of vintage Vivienne Westwood, Yohji and Indian headpieces… another trip to Temple Street is in order me thinks…

Skulls Necklace Web

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  1. Super duper jewelry. It reminds me of Laurel Caverns and bats for some reason. If you are ever in PA (I don’t see why you would be, but) you should definitely go.

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