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I'm a little pre-occupied with girolles, polenta and praying that a pudding will not fall flat on its arse so today is a bit post-lite.  I'm aware that I'm wading into the boyf's territory here but what's his is mine, mine is his and all that… so I bring you Style Salvage Steve's fresh recent purchase, his Mr Hare stingray Orwell shoes

Steve long ago already converted me to the greatness that is Mr Hare when he did a very extensive interview with him waaaay back.  Since then, the shoemaker that has been seeking 'quality, style and emotion' in mens shoes, has gone on to be stocked at Oki-Ni, Dover Street Market and is basically kicking a big shiny patent stingray-clad foot up the current menswear shoe market. 

It has to be said, going shoe shopping with the boyf in the mens' departments isn't exactly joy.  Sales racks in particular can be particularly depressing.  Imelda probably does the best job in highlighting the scant statements that fly around mens' shoes, even if it is a rare occasion. 

However, so excited was Steve when he picked up these babies last night, he called everyone short of his semi-deaf nan up to tell them that they were in his possession.  Excitement on this level for the normally level-headed boyf means that I'll definitely need to shift some of my crap off the shelves and let these Orwell shoes sit next to some books.  Actually, maybe next to a copy of Animal Farm as all his shoes are named after authors (Kerouac, Fitzgerald, Miller though I think it's Mr Orwell that literally shines from the collection…). 

Yesterday, I complain of shoes too small, today it's shoes too big.  Just call me Goldielocks.  I'm not going to be so silly as to ask Mr Hare whether Mrs Hare will be joining the ranks though.  Clearly, he's filling a gap in menswear that is otherwise saturated in womens… so I'll just take to sniffing these shoes in their brand new state…



37 Replies to “Something for the Shelves”

  1. these shoes are awesome! yea i wish my boyf would/ could pull these shoes off too. i, on the other hand, really love the sparkly sparks!

  2. Those shoes — and I mean this in an amorously complimentary way — look like something worn by a sinewy Edward Gorey character.

  3. CAVIAR SHOES! lovely.
    Curious to know whether you mean Girolle the Monks head cheese shaver, or Girolle mushrooms…Hope you had luck with the pudding.

  4. love the glittery now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t texture on these! my boyfriend is a bit of a shoe connoisseur as well. i’ll have to show him these so he doesn’t keep buying the same shoe over and over again. haha 😛

  5. love the shoes Susie. I love it a lot.
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  6. those are stunning, truly a piece to be displayed on your bookcase 🙂 i think it’s adorable that you are wearing them in that last picture!

  7. maybe if enough girlies request smaller sizes, our wish of owning a pair will come true.

  8. The shoes are brilliant! very cute that Steve has names for his shoes. its also cute to see a boy being so incredibly excited about a pair of shoes.

  9. All Women Stalker: I’m only trying them on for size but daly I’m n where near a size 44….
    Carriethedog: I was trying to remember the French word! Thanks!
    Luxirare: Girolle mushrooms….!
    Maverick: Yup, checked out the collections…. waiting for the right moment to right up….
    Jess: It’s actually Mr Hare who came up with the names for his own shoes, not Steve!

  10. tissues tissues tissues in shoes! haha.
    Those look like they would be worn by my grandfather (in the greatest way possible).
    I found my father’s hat collection in paris. His panama, bowler, bearskin hat (yes-guardsman) beret, fedora and safari hat may be going walkies soon…. *innocent whistle)

  11. Those shoes are AMAZING.
    So old-school and beautifully crafted. They appeal to my art deco/1920s soft spot for some reason….

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