I'm quite liking the number of S/S 10 previews are popping up, and though obviously none of the biggies are going to be giving up S/S 10 sneaky peeks anytime soon, I'm happy to see that smaller, younger designers don't have to be confined to showing the fruits of their labour earlier/later than the fashion window of September-October.  Brooke Roberts, made her snakeskin structured debut last season and has recently given Kat of Style Lines a very comprehensive S/S 10 peek at the prints that she has developed from animal brain scans (not as gruesome as that sounds…) and the patterns she has derived from them to make some beautiful colour block knitted dresses.

Brooke, sensing that I'm onto a bit of a ring fetish at the moment sent me a little looksy into the jewellery pieces she has been working on for S/S 10 with jeweller Chris Edwards.  Derived from skul cross-sections and complimenting the brain scan prints in her clothes, she has created this static riveted stack ring in silver and rose-gold… 

Skull Ring Flat

…and then this two layered swivel ring that can be twisted around to make different formations…

Skull Spinning 2 Skull Spinning 4

Skull Spinning 1

You can properly see the skull scan shapes on this charm necklace… I love how that you can just about make out that rough skull shape in the cut-outs but you're not really 100% sure whether it is a skull or not… and that Brooke has properly explored cranium anatomy as opposed to using the prescribed, preconception of a skull shape.  I'm betting Kim of King & Queen of Bethnal Green will be getting these pieces in to the shop as one of the few stockists of Brooke's work.  On a separate KQBG note, their newly set-up blog is tempting me with their displays of vintage Vivienne Westwood, Yohji and Indian headpieces… another trip to Temple Street is in order me thinks…

Skulls Necklace Web

I've been stunted by another holding page, the bane of a curious blogger's life.  After seeing some rather amazing ruffled leather trousers courtesy of Scottish designer Graeme Armour (literally armour by name and nature…), I went on a search and found said holding page but also an interesting collaboration between fellow Scot illustrator/graphic designer Johanna Basford, who has been all over the design blogs.  Bear with me as I'm a little slow to Basford's work but her signature is basically exceedingly detailed and intricate black pen drawings that are mostly inspired by her upbringing in rural Aberdenshire in Scotland. For Armour's A/W 09 collection, she created  a series of illustrations, backed by Scottish Textiles that upclose is an amalgamation of all manner of trinkets thrown in with her flora and fauna signature. 

GA1 GA22


GA33 GA55


After further searching, the rest of Armour's A/W 09 collection with all its interlocking wool, leather looping and of course THOSE ruffled leather trews are available for all and sundry to see… take that holding page!

GARM_AW09_0001 GARM_AW09_0002

GARM_AW09_0007 GARM_AW09_0014

Today involved a lot of click click clickety click as I was doing a bit of intense work research concerning Japan Fashion Week, something which I've never wholly felt confident writing about because I gather it works in an entirely different way from the big four, exists in a system within Tokyo and without having seen the clothes in person (zero stockists here…), it's even harder to wax lyrical.  Of course there's a whole haul of designers to trawl through that are quite amazing in their own right, though sadly with largely Japanese-only website.  One of the standout names Writtenafterwards, thankfully has thrown an English lifesaver to me and so an afternoon of clicking around ensued, combing through previous collections, projects and newsbites and more Googling.  After all of that, it turns out the work that caught my eye the most were the initial projects/collections of the two founding designers of Writtenafterwards; Yoshikazu Yamagata and Kentaro Tamai (who no longer works for Writtenafterwards)     

Both are Central Saint Martins graduates and so their graduate projects were formulated here… this is Kentaro Tamai's… a set of faded florals, linen and cotton separates… a romantic and rumpled bit of tailoring with a hint of nostalgia that looks perfect hanging on the washing line…





Then there's Yoshikazu Yamagata's giant bra and panties project…. those are some pretty perfect cups there… contrasted in the most hilarious way with the kids who were probably at the age when the word "Bra" is something akin to having the lurgies…



Writtenafterwards have since gone on to do more 'projects' as opposed to seasonal collections but for now, I'm quite content in regressing to the roots of their work…

I do feel slightly pressurised a little to play 'ring' catch-up when I see collections of knuckledusters from the likes of Foxyman.  Oh and then I remember that I have lost many a ring in the past from doing that fiddly 'put-on-take-off'.  I think they're strewn around random restaurants, pubs and parks in London.

Still, seeing as I've cured my affliction of leaving umbrellas all over the place, I reckon I can put some concentration and effort into stopping myself from ring littering.  Fleathers on Etsy who also have quite an inspiring blog I Heart Topstitch have made my eyes feast on their Rabidfox line which largely consists of rings of the animal kingdom.  They need to be worn mixed metal style (even though that would infuriate some people…) and in multiples of two so that a pair of octopus on the middle finger do battle with unicorns on the index.  No prizes for guessing who'd win…





Or if you're not piercing challenged like I am (pus pus pus…), then perhaps the original strand of Fleathers' jewellery line might literally tickle your fancy.  The earrings consist of leather faux feathers as well as real feathers in different colour combos… all built with the purpose for rhythmic head swaying that looks super pretty in fading light (is it freaking ppl out that it's getting dark waaaay quicker now…)

Fleathers1 Fleathers5
Fleathers2 Fleathers3