Go Rabid or Fleather?

I do feel slightly pressurised a little to play 'ring' catch-up when I see collections of knuckledusters from the likes of Foxyman.  Oh and then I remember that I have lost many a ring in the past from doing that fiddly 'put-on-take-off'.  I think they're strewn around random restaurants, pubs and parks in London.

Still, seeing as I've cured my affliction of leaving umbrellas all over the place, I reckon I can put some concentration and effort into stopping myself from ring littering.  Fleathers on Etsy who also have quite an inspiring blog I Heart Topstitch have made my eyes feast on their Rabidfox line which largely consists of rings of the animal kingdom.  They need to be worn mixed metal style (even though that would infuriate some people…) and in multiples of two so that a pair of octopus on the middle finger do battle with unicorns on the index.  No prizes for guessing who'd win…





Or if you're not piercing challenged like I am (pus pus pus…), then perhaps the original strand of Fleathers' jewellery line might literally tickle your fancy.  The earrings consist of leather faux feathers as well as real feathers in different colour combos… all built with the purpose for rhythmic head swaying that looks super pretty in fading light (is it freaking ppl out that it's getting dark waaaay quicker now…)

Fleathers1 Fleathers5
Fleathers2 Fleathers3

42 Replies to “Go Rabid or Fleather?”

  1. These are amazing.
    I need the blue sparkly earrings in my life.
    (Was nice to meet you last night Susie)

    I would love to see some Rabidfox on you!
    Perhaps a big bunny bangle or some marching elephants…
    let me know!
    p.s.photos by KellyTurso.com

  3. Those feather earrings are gorgeous. The rings are fabulous too I love substantial, chunky jewellery!

  4. Those unicorns are amazing! I need one.
    Thank you for choosing kindly with the photos of Jeanie and I from the event yesterday! There were some hilarious ones in the bunch.

  5. Super duper rings and earrings! I especially love the black octopus one and the silver unicorn as well as the last earrings. And yes, it is freaking me out how it gets dark at 7:30-ish . . . yikes.

  6. I been looking around, in every shop where I could possibly afford to buy something, for rings. but haven´t seen any good ones. These rings are absolutely what I been looking for. And I prefer them being in mixed up metal style. So much more fun.

  7. so cool to see this on your blog, I am from philly and have always loved the rings at topstitch. They are seriously amazing, and btw Susie your blog is the best keep it up!

  8. I had the same ring issue–either losing them or cracking/losing the stones due to being too rough. Seem to have cured it and would love to get one of those rabbit rings.

  9. I think the earrings are very pretty to look vain women. The earrings are of many kinds, colors and sizes.
    I love the earrings but especially all the jewelry I love.

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