Anne Sofie with an ‘E’

>> I always try and wait until I can get hold of some decent lookbook images before posting a fashion graduate's work just because I think catwalk images can look a little flat and one-dimensional.  The Danish Design School had their show at Copenhagen Fashion Week last week and one of the graduates Anne-Sofie Madsen sent me her collection for me to check out along with illustrations.  Yes, another Anne-Sofie, this one with an 'e' and hopefully one that will make it to the heights of Ann-Sofie Back.

There's something quite soft and severe at the same time about Madsen's collection.  Soft, in the textures and fabric choices used with plenty of textural effects used to raise what is quite a neutral palette.  Severe, in Madsen's execution of keeping things fairly tight to the body and even voluminous pieces like the shag cardigan looks like it's been controlled strand by strand. 

Asm1 Asm2


Asm3 Asm5

The illustrations further 'illustration' (ahem…) the severity of what Madsen is trying to achieve.  These are like clothes for recuperating patients (of what affliction I don't know…) that are on the cusp of recovery and it's like these are the garments that will heal them.  Or maybe I'm reading far too much into the expressions on these girls' faces and the 'inner meaning' of a draped bit of wool. 


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  1. Wow, this girl is amazing, I hope she goes far. I think she will judging by what I’ve seen so far. I love how everything flows together-even the illustrations! Does she have a website or blog or is there anyway that I can see more of her work?
    Also, I finished a skirt and it totally reminded me of you, or something similar to what you might wear! I’d love to know what you think of it, if you have time, it’s posted on my blog.
    Let me know if I can find out more about Anne-Sofie! Thanks Susie,
    x. mavi

  2. these are SO. AMAZING.
    initially i was stunned by the clothes, but seeing the illustrations is like a whole other level of awesome. i am so impressed!

  3. Wow beautiful illustrations, they don’t look like that generic style of fashion illustration, such a gorgeous style it really stands out. Love the clothes too!

  4. Fortunately Anne Sofie Madsen has agreed to do an interview for the Spot On: Textiles blog! It will be posted in the near future!
    in the meantime check the blog out here:

  5. These are like clothes for recuperating patients (of what affliction I don’t know…) that are on the cusp of recovery and it’s like these are the garments that will heal them –> WHOAH. DEEP. Love the observation, Susie.

  6. hey im Sarah, and your my favorite blogger of ALL time<3 I recently started my own blog and in my first post i told everyone that your my favorite blogger, and put a link to your blog in my post. I thought you'd appreciate that. So I'd appreciate if you checked it out (it still sucks though, since I just started) its Thanks a bunch-Sarah*

  7. This is magical. Love the sketches and the realization of them. Such a talent! Hauntingly beautiful. Imagine a film with this art direction!

  8. Hi! Must say that I think your blog is absolutely delightful, a true inspiration! The photos of you in your outfits rocks! Keep up the good work of making the world a more beautiful place both off and online.

  9. These dresses are amazing, they remind me of the film ‘Labyrinth’ for some reason maybe because they make the models look like nasty little fairies (Classic scene,when Jennifer Connolly has her hand chomped into by a fairy that she rescues).
    Sweden is like the magic country, name one bad thing that ever came out of Sweden.

  10. Excellent post! This article and also the fashion is really interesting and hot. It did catch my attention especially the photos. Keep up blogging about fashion because I love it that much. Anyway, thank you, thank you so much for this adorable blog.

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