>> Today it's all about a) short spurts of posting activity because my thoughts are still feverishly erratic and boggled (yesterday I struggled to think of the word for "drain"…I think I said something along the lines of "You know…that hole-y thing in the sink…!") and b) hands that are heavy with adornment of some sort as illustrated by Queen Michelle.  Well, where the Queen goes, the subjects follow.  In my absence in Amsterdam, Fannie Schiavoni, the chain meister who painstakingly constructed my cage dress dropped off the final accoutrement to the whole chain ensemble.  I'm now rendered able to literally walk out wearing what is essentially a sandwich board for Fannie's chainmail work.  Not that she needs my help (though I do love spelling names out… I've lost count of the amount of time I've had to write down "I Heart Norwegian Wood" or "Basso & Brooke" for people on old bits of receipts… hopefully I'll do the same for Fannie too and remember to spell Schiavoni correctly).  Fannie is now stocked at Kabiri online and in-store where the chain glove below can be found.

I've yet to build up my ring collection given that I have a tendency for fiddling with jewellery and taking it off in irritation but the Miss Bibi and Chronicles of Never pieces are just enough to set off the chain mail of the glove.  The vintage peach gloves underneath (god bless Battersea car booty…) are a mere hint to the forthcoming peach beauty that I'm dying to post about but require photographic reinforcement to present it correctly and justly.  The chain glove will be sneaking in of course…




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  1. Alicia says:

    That is cool…
    You and the queen have really come up in the adornment for hands department.

  2. MJ says:

    Gorgeous chainmail! And those peach gloves are STUNNING.

  3. Oh fantastic, I really love all the new adornments Ive been seeing lately, Queen Michelle has some fab pieces too!
    Wow I can think of so many differnt ways you could wear your glove, looking forwards to see what you pair it with x

  4. KD says:

    Is it just me, or would “hand-tastic goodness” sound a wee bit dirty?

  5. Brigadeiro says:

    Ah! I so wish I could afford the chain dress, it is truly spectacular! Love the chain glove too! 🙂

  6. Now, I wanna try having heavy hands with such wonderful accessory. haha

  7. Stacy says:

    love the chain glove! looking forward to the future peach post

  8. jess says:

    oh no, I really love the chain glove and I’ve just put myself on a shopping ban after a long europe trip! I’ll see if I get any sleepless nights over this…. tell me Susie, what is the fit of the glove like? I’ve got tiny tiny hands, would it fall right off me? I noticed on the website it has some sort of a clip on one side?

  9. Armour jewelry for the modern woman…I’m sure there’s all sorts of messages to be read into that!

  10. Sister Wolf says:

    I would never have thought of wearing rings over a glove, that’s how unimaginative I am! You are definitely the Mistress of layering.

  11. susie_bubble says:

    ^I’ve taken to layering gloves! Difficult with lack of rings though!

  12. lluviaschick says:

    just love them!!!!

  13. Nicole says:

    I love the chains and the ‘belt’ ring but I don’t like the Combination with the gloves. Maybe a dark coloured gloves would look nicer and would underline the tough looking chains.

  14. steph says:

    I used to have a thing for those types of gloves! Everyone thought i was really strange, but they look amazing on you. I am seeking new members to my website – please check it out if you get a chance!

  15. natty says:

    Wonderful – I really love the chain mail look with the ladylike peach glove. I really do love this.

  16. Isabel says:

    You’re going to make Angie Johnson into a celebrity designer! Which I’m rather excited for, since I’m lucky enough to own one of her pieces.

  17. jennine says:

    gauntlets/all handwear medieval is so amazing.

  18. I really love the contrast of the ladylike glove with the chainmail, I think it would also look great with a white leather perforated glove…oh hell, it would look great with a multitude of gloves! Just what you needed right? More excuses to buy more gloves!

  19. Carmen says:

    I love those gloves.
    I saw you on Sunday in picadilly circus.

  20. Meream says:

    I saw two girls with belt rings today. 😀

  21. ambika says:

    I loved Queen Michelle’s gloves and these are amazing too–I especially love them as a layer–I could see wearing them in winter that way.

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