The Woman with the Wooden Leg

Did any other silly child like myself NOT get the joke in Mary Poppins where Mr. Dawes laughs himself to death over a joke about a wooden leg.  Or maybe I got it but didn't quite understand why a man had killed himself over it.  Or Joey in Friends who threw a woman's wooden leg into the fire.  I think I missed the joke in that one too.  But still, canned laughter ensued. 

Anyhow, if wooden legs are to be happy, joyous and smiling occurrences, I'd much rather don these tights by Dutch label EnD by Eva and Delia and share my glee with these kind of wooden legs.  Actually their whole hoisery collection in their S/S 10 show is wholly covetable.  Tights fetishists like myself will rejoice in parquet floor patterns, growing shrubs and wooden growth rings sprawling all over their legs.  Together with their chunky wooden and suede shoes, it's a tights and footwear happy marriage.

The whole collection was a lot simpler than I had imagined given that print features quite heavily in EnD's previous collections.  I loved the simple motif of ruching panels to make these simplified landscapes, a hint of nature rather than a very literal representation of their visual influences.  The opening dress best demonstrates this… 


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  1. You don’t know how long I’ve waited to see woodgrain leggings. Please, someone restrain me now!!! At one point in my life, I dreamed of crafting a woodgrain suit…but right now, these will have to suffice.

  2. Those gray ones are soooo covetable.
    I was in the hospital as a little girl when Mary Poppins came out in the theaters. My father took my sisters to the show, and they came by to see me afterwards with a Mary Poppins coloring book for me. I never actually saw the movie until after my grand daughter was born. It’s my favorite.

  3. the really interesting wooden legs I can think of were the ones Aimee Mullins wore for Alexander McQueen in 1999. Stunning!
    and quoting her “This is not about disability anymore. Is about augmantation” check her TED talk.

  4. That dress is genious, the woodgrain thights are even better! I hope they will become available to the general public (=ME).

  5. These tights remind me of the floor in the main room of my house. Wooden, parquet, and shiny, except when feet are muddy with rain and mud! But no mud here! The fashion models are nothing more than gorgeous! Share more! Wood, wood, wood!

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