If Etsy had an in-house publication in the style of OK! or Hello, surely this would get the front page complete with cheesy grin shoots of the partners in crime.  Angie Johnson of I Heart Norwegian Wood's cage shape has come together with Marc Simard of Broundoor (artisan of quirky leather wallets) and his skills and knowledge of leather working to make this stupendous taupe and dusky pink creation.  The powder pink may have left this blog's background but lives on in this skirt and though I'm away this weekend by the coast again, this ensemble is coming with me even if the 'skirt with holes' could potentially freak out the resident OAP's.  The future is a cage.  The future is leather.  Take that Orange. 


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  1. I love powder pink and leather

  2. ellio100 says:

    WOW! that is proper awesome, lovely soft pink and I bet it feels like butter too!

  3. Stunning. I LOVE Angie and I LOVE her incredible creations. She nails it every time! x

  4. WOAH! Shock alert when I clicked on your site this morning. I’ve been away for the past week so hadn’t seen the new design until today. I do like it, but I have to admit it will take a little getting used to 🙂 Where’s the girly frippery gone? xx

  5. natty says:

    I really really llove it, and I really really want one of my own!

  6. It’s beautiful!
    Love the pink leather.

  7. Mel says:

    I love the resolution of the photo…the leather looks delicious!

  8. Adeliet says:

    OMG!!! Susie, where can I purchase that? ;)))
    xx Adeliet

  9. DJM says:

    Dare I say it – hers is actually better than the Acne skirt the design was originally a copy of. She has added more interesting features: better materials, more straps, a better zip, varying studs. The Acne skirt pales by comparison…and now leather? Brilliant!

  10. susie_bubble says:

    ^^When Angie gets back from holiday, I believe she will be taking orders on this skirt….!
    DJM: The fact is Acne missed the boat by not putting that skirt into production and it was actually a catwalk prop not meant for daily wear. I agree with you that Angie has developed the shape to the next level…. and yup, has definitely surpassed the original…

  11. Alecca says:

    this is a piece of art…
    powder pink & elephant grey, studs and a stunning shape. love it!

  12. eleanor says:

    This skirt is so awesome, way cooler than the topshop version.

  13. lady coveted says:

    holy moly. beautiful.

  14. Tereza says:

    it looks awesome…I would love to try it on

  15. Line says:

    Such a beautiful combination with the raw leather construction in the pink.. so cool

  16. diane says:

    It’s racy and girlie at the same time. I really like it. I wonder what my neighbors would think if I wore something like that. hmmmmm.

  17. wow, i’ve never seen leather that pink colour. it’s such a beautiful piece!

  18. Ali says:

    Ahem…ok, I have a cage skirt…except It’s kind of an old red topshop skirt that I cut in to a cage skirt…quite badly! I was wearing it in Camden on Saturday. Had some really funny looks on the tube..
    But yeah, this one is MUCH better than mine! But then I don’t wear leather…why are all the best things made of cow 🙁

  19. missmilki says:

    Fabulous! The colours are gorgeous, the leather, the details everything! Can’t wait to see you wearing it.

  20. Melanie says:

    wow, rad idea!

  21. allegra says:

    looks really great! love those colours

  22. Kat says:

    Oh I want this one! Leather cage in pink…

  23. Ellen says:

    I loooooooooove the new layout!!! The cage is amazing as well ^^

  24. Barbro says:

    OMG, I love it!! Gimme! 😀

  25. They look freaking awesome together! Angie is so talented!!

  26. Alexandra says:

    Wow, that is gorgeous. Was that a special order, or are they for sale?

  27. Perla says:

    that is truly wonderful. speaking of etsy. have you had a gander at this etsy vintage shop? she has lots of wonderful finds and i would buy out her whole stock if I had a little more money on hand. I particularly love this sequined jacket. It’s very reminiscent of Balmain.

  28. floraposte says:

    That is fantastic, everything Angie makes is of such great quality!
    By the way knowing your love of grey jersey did you know that American Apparel are now selling grey jersey sheets?

  29. Alicia says:


  30. susie_bubble says:

    ^Music to my bedding loving ears!

  31. Sheena says:

    That is the most marvellous thing I have ever seen. I love coloured leather.

  32. Raji says:


  33. msmojorising says:

    You are soooo Caged ;)!!!!

  34. Joane says:

    omg!! Looks like an old fashioned corset or something like that! Awesome!! love the pink. 🙂

  35. Hey guys, just wanted to pop in to say that we’re going to have the cage belt available within the next week, and the skirt will be available in the next month or so, there’s just a few details we have to work out with another store that will be selling it. More info on that soon, promise! Susie will have the scoop 😉

  36. juliet says:

    it’s very cool but i like fleetilya more!

  37. Alana Marie says:

    wow!!!! Beautiful Construction 🙂

  38. Meream says:

    That’s great craftsmanship! Amazing colors.

  39. kim says:

    !! I’m so glad to read that it will be for sale, I’m so loving this.

  40. Jael Paris says:

    I’ve been watching The Tudors, and I frequently think of you as I’ve seen a number of cage bloomers.

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