Project 1 Discovered

If you're one of those people that scroll straight to the pics,I might as well just state very clearly from the start, that these beauties that are Julia Finsk's A/W 09 Project 1 shoe is NOT in my permanent possession.  They are simply gracing my feet for a little while before they have to go back home.  I asked what Project 1 was two weeks ago when discovering Finsk's A/W 09 collection and so I'm errrrrrrrrrr…….. trying on these shoes to discover the full meaning of Project 1.


No, that line doesn't wash.  A blatant lie.  I was in fact just desperate to be in its mere presence, even if it is temporarily.  This shoe is in fact going to feature as part of Finsk's short film that will do clever 3-d things like the films she has done for her past collections.  As such, they're not going to be on sale but it does allow Julia to explore the very experimental and ultra sculptural side to her work and seeing as she's not continuing her line for Faith anymore, perhaps that is the direction she wishes to take.  Very simply, this equates to more shoe porn for the likes of us who are satisfied by a decent lookbook.  The Project 1 shoe in purple and white was out but I discovered this alternative colourway which was even better… mushroom-grey highlighted by orange and green.  Those colour combinations that Finsk is known for strikes again…


(Worn in a very messy way with Forever 21 feather trim dress, vintage short sleeved brown leather and suede jacket from The Good Shop SF)



Project 1 debriefing over.

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  1. omg.
    Those shoes are AMAZING, they make my little heel-addict heart flutter!
    It’s so sad they’re not going on sale ๐Ÿ™

  2. I love the way the dark base and the little line of colours stand out against the light mushroom colour of the shoe. It underlines the sculptural shape of the platform. Fabulous!

  3. Those shoes kick some awesome futuristic ass! I want those wedges you linked! I want them, I need them, how can I get them? D: Though it’s probably for the best that I’ll never own them since I’d break my leg and about twenty other bones in my body with those things. I’ll leave the awesome shoe fetish to you because you totally rock them.

  4. I love those! I instantly got a visual of my grand daughter standing on the back of the heels piggy-back style, haha. Seriously, they are really cool.

  5. I love Finsk shoes, I bought a pair of her range for Faith a while back, and love wearing them.
    I love the un-obvious colour combination. The sculptural and experimental style is enhanced by the bright yellow stripe.
    These are fab statement shoes, perfect for adding edge to a girly outfit!

  6. they may not be yours but they are undoubtedly incredible. I would just be worried that people behind you would step on them!

  7. Wow, those shoes make me die a little inside with their beauty :] I just hope you don’t get too close to anybody on the tube with them on, I sense injury and a lawsuit thundering over the hill…

  8. Well the question of whether someone can wear them is sort of irrelevant in the case of these shoes as they won’t actually be sold…but contrary to what you see, the shape poking out at the back is very lightweight and doesn’t make your feet lean back that way as one might think. The heel is fairly reasonable…. as these are samples, I didn’t walk a lot in them but they felt very comfortable on….

  9. yeah, fab shoes! absolutely amazing.
    susie, just curious: i’ve sent you nice emails from time to time asking politely if you’d like to look @ my blog & swap links. so far, not even a polite rejection reply.
    granted, it’s doing pretty well without you so far – just a few months now & i’m still getting lots o’ people come visit – but still no word from ms. bubble. i do see that other blog-friends have recently been added, so i’m wondering what i’m doing wrong.
    if anyone reading this has any tips how to win susie bubble’s favour, please do come to my blog & let me know:
    many thanks!

  10. ^ Yo Polka Dot….I believe it’s you who is unattainable…I emailed you to say that I have ALREADY added you to my links list under Street Styling, as Pics by Polka Dot and then your email bounces back saying the mailbox is unattainable… requested a link last time in your comment and I replied to that as well…. no tips required from other people…. give the correct email address woman!

  11. well so you have! i take that back, and thank you, ms. bubble!! i had scrolled thru but apparently not all the way down- didn’t even realise you HAD a streetstyle category.
    i don’t know what happened with the emails tho – i haven’t heard from you til now. i do have a few addresses, the simplest is (i’ll put that below)
    that was very strange, just as i was about to reply & there was a clap of thunder & my laptop froze up. very spooky.
    anyway, thanks again. i’m putting your link up now, too. it’s just a formality of course – just a drop in the ocean for you – but i do appreciate you swapping with me, esp as the blog’s not that old yet.

  12. Shoe love. As soon as I caught sight of those my little brain immediately started working through how I could get my hands on them.

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