>> Continuing on with the Chanel theme, I came across a bit of leather quilting that whilst obviously is nothing ground breaking in terms of its material choice, does appropriate that irresistibly tactile quilted stuff  in quite a nicely acceptable way.  Which is surely better than the bundles of quilted handbags comin' at ya from every corner of the high street….  H by Harris is a fairly new accessories label that will be launching in Dover Street Market and Browns soon.  Though roomy bags and satchels are their primary concern, with this hooded 'H' jacket with detachable rucksack, H by Harris is dipping their toes into apparel.  The whole piece is an inexplicably attractive upgrade version of the school trip gear that I donned back in the day when we had annual excursions to Dorset and was forced to breathe actual fresh and clean air and to rely on entertainment without TV (oh the bother…).  A pair of hunter wellies and dishevelled hair would of course form a pretty practical festival ensemble (going to Way Out West in Gothenberg in two weeks time!)… however, I'm imagining it unbuttoned with a sculpted body-con dress underneath, a clang of costume jewellery, some sheer thigh highs and some ponyskin flat brogues in a worrying mish mash that does tread the dangerline of stuffing too many style genres into one outfit.  Sadly seasoned Barbour gal I am not and since I haven't quite perfected the mix of incorporating country-style gear into outfits, a slightly mashed-up outfit is the best I could hope for…

So it's a bit of a no-brainer that I'm going to catch the Coco Avant Chanel film this weekend.  According to the majority of reviews, it's supposedly not a paltry/flimsy bit of gratuitous biopic making and is also a visually stunning treat.  The sort of easy watching that the weekend requires.  Maybe with a bit of gratuitous window ogling beforehand.

I'm probably going to be bumping into a few of these Chanel aficionados who staged a Chanel Flash Mob last night at Kings Cross St Pancras International station (geddit…trains to Pareeeeeee…) to celebrate the release of the film.  The whole thing was organised by the gals behind Queens of Vintage who called for people to turn up and evoke the Chanel style with their outfits, either with actual Chanel pieces or Chanel-inspired ensembles.  Cue pearls, LBDs, tweed jackets and some quilted bags.  When I first heard about this, I was thinking there would be a bigger horde of people so that it's more of a 'mob' and less of a chic gathering.  I guess Chanel-channelers got the dates mixed up a little as even I thought it was going to take place last week.  Still, a shining effort considering flash mobs are hard to pull off unless a hefty amount of Facebook/Email/SMS activity is used as well as a slightly more accessible theme…  silent disco anyone?




_MG_5492 _MG_5678

(Photographs by Marina Scukina)

>> I'm a bit late in the game on many accounts and I'm beginning to think I've developed some kind of slow time lapse syndrome.  I've only JUST started to catch bits of The Rachel Zoe Project which has been amusing me immensely.  I've only JUST learnt that everyone 'dying' over fashion (I DIE I DIE I DIE) is apparently because of her.  I've also only just caught wind of something a bit more healthy and creative than the aforementioned TV bollocks… Love Want, a fashion zine pet project devised by super Aussie stylist Imogene Barron and photographer Bec Parsons.  Yes, it's another title involving the word Love.  Oh well, it is of course a lot better than the millions of people that are apparently DYING over fashion so I guess I should be grateful for the positive note of the title.  It's literally a zine containing nothing but beautiful images that Imogene and Bec shot together.  I've cheekily requested a copy but gather that issue One which launched back in April is now sold out.  According to Bec's blog though, a second one will soon be on its way so hopefully I won't miss the boat this time.  I like that there's no lofty ambitions in terms of making it into a (quote fingers) "publication" or an "enterprise".  It's literally just a self-published creation that goes a bit beyond newspaper print zines and is entirely reflective of two people's worlds…

If any of you do have a copy, have a sniff of the paper and let me know if it smells nice…


>> Sitting underneath a skylight with rain pounding down whilst I'm in a skimpy racerback dress and the Guardian saying that the weather man has gotten UK summer predictions just a leeeetle bit wrong has just all in accumulation made me write off the summer and just let go of it.  I'm mainly propelled by Rad Hourani's new diffusion line Rad that was presented  this week that is crying out to be layered in 1001 different combinations. 


Then on top of the layers of jersey and layer a Clemency cocoon coat or
side zipper jacket will complete my "Summer You Have Gone and Left Us"
two fingers in the face of the skies.

Clemency1 Clemency2