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First port of call when arriving in Vienna yesterday was the Wood Wood Pop-Up store that will close in about a month's time.  I was fearing that they might not let me take pictures but it turns out the girl working there is a blogger (of sorts…) too and knew who I was.  Given that I had no intention of spending any moolah, I was merely there to check out the store.  The pop-up store is called WWXV, and opened in partnership with Vice and Pool Gallery in Berlin.  Like the Wood Wood stores in Berlin and Copenhagen, as well as stocking Wood Wood, there are other branded goods too with a heavier emphasis on latest collabs going into this particular pop-up space.  One big Hypebeast-coveted affair really with added girlier touches like Carin Wester's dainty florals and Edsor Kronen embroidered ties and bows…

IMG_0316 IMG_0318

Apparently there's a lot of hoo-ha over these Nike Gladiators which come in black/white leather… I'm sold if only that golden tick was removed…totally superfluous…pah…

IMG_0308 IMG_0313

Dinky beauty bits with Uslu Airlines nail polish stealing the show…


The latest Mykita x Bernhard Willhelm along with all the Linda Farrow collabs too (Henry Holland, Chloe Sevigny Opening Ceremony, Charles Anastase etc…) On the top of the cabinet, there was some interesting coloured cord jewellery by Sabrina Dehoff.


Jeremy Scott's S/S09 piss take toile de jouy has its place in the store alongside Wood Wood womenswear pieces which included a denim oversized jacket with an attached waistcoat inside…Jessie from Les Mads was eyeing this up…


Happy Socks arranged in a Happy way // Was very drawn to the Wood Wood blue rose print tote…

IMG_0317 IMG_0303

It's a sparse/minimal space but the little written touches count… as does the wonderfully illustrated catalogue which goes with the pop-up shop.  All artwork was done by Ben Ross who is also a streetstyle photographer

IMG_0320 IMG_0321

Saw these trews in the Henrik Vibskov shop in Copenhagen but
the love affair resumed when I saw them in the window yesterday… having a bit of an obsession with comfy yet easy-to-gussy-up pants/trackies.


The shop is also playing host to an exhibition of American photographer Peter Beste's photography of Norwegian black metal…infiltrating the scene as one of the few 'non-insiders'. My favourite shot has to be the contrast of the green forest with the black metal dude looking like he's angrily telling a sparrow to f*** off.


15 Replies to “Woody Woody”

  1. what a brilliant little place! i love those nail polishes. i bought one in colette once – lasted me ages and great shades! wish i could visit… sigh. xxxc

  2. Looks like a fun place to visit, I remember Berlin having some quirky little shops when i last went, but this is certainly something. I hope they have more shops like this for when I next visit, I love the layout. I could be testing those nail polishes for hours…

  3. These pics are really cool, this looks like a real cool little shop! Yeah personally I don’t understand all this hype about the Nike gladiators! They just look like basketball shoes with bits cut out in my opinion! I’m sure they could look really cool, but they just ain’t my style! I defo wouldn’t be able to pull them off 😀

  4. oh i absolutely adore those henrik vibskov africa pants, but for 225 euros one does hope by waiting, the crisis will do its wonder.. :*

  5. Followed the link to the Beste photos & am a little regretful about that. It’s amazing work on the part of the photog, but that is some scary stuff… Must admire their commitment to their style, however. Those guys are all in.

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