Tetris Power

>> I can't believe the 25th anniversary of Tetris passed me by and I somehow FAILED to mention it on the blog.  You know how I love to work in completely non-fashion related references somewhere in the crevices of this blog to keep reminding myself that life does not in fact revolve around distressed denim, gigantic florals and toppling shoes.  Like many kidult of the 90s', I went from Gameboy original to Pocket to Colour and Tetris was there throughout every stage.  I think in my natural state of rest, my fingers actually twitch in anticipation of the next block that might be falling down to complete a row.  Take that sentence to whatever metaphorical stages you want…

Timothy James Andrews, ker-razy knitwear extraordinaire, also must have had similar brick formations in his head especially when you look at his new collection 'A-Block-A-Brick-Toe' that is very openly inspired by Tetris and its colourful bricks…recreating them in gem embellishments and in the physical cube shapes of the bracelet.  In a way, TJA's collections have always been about colourful blocks fitting together in their various formations that he's feeling at the time so with this collection's literal reference to Tetris, he's probably reconciling a lifelong love with the game that has informed his work…




(Photography by Akio)

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  1. although my boyfriend would most def. tell me i look like a raver if i wore it, i’m loving that backpack accessory thing. so cool!

  2. I really love the top in the third picture, I wish I could see it in person, its amazing! The pattern creates a beautiful mosaic, very tetris like indeed!!

  3. I love all these designs; they are like a wearable version of a baby activity mat with all the senses catered for, genius!
    I’d love a pair of arm cubes, delightfully quirky.

  4. Saw his collection on dazed digital, i’m glad he’s sticking to his crazy coloured usual designs.
    when i was little I used to play tetris so much that when I closed my eyes i would still see the pieces moving down!

  5. the quilted piece at the bottom is fucking cool, appeals to the part of me that wants to wrap myself in great grandmother’s quilts but somehow jumping up and down really fast at the same time while drinking kool-aid.

  6. hehehe, my nerdy hubby reminded me of the Tetris anniversary – I was surprised to know Tetris is younger than I am, somehow it seems like it’s been around forever!
    Love the Tetris inspired fashion!
    – Pamela

  7. Absolutely stellar stuff! Have you seen A. Wang’s silk stud print tank? First thing I thought when I saw that “Tetris!” Of course, its nowhere near as cool as these pieces.

  8. oh my goodness, i was a total tetris addict too! the song would play in my head all the time. however, now i can’t remember it, ans when i try to conjure it up, all i get is the super mario brothers song. which is cute too.

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