Sorger Soars

I got to see embroidery, sequin and general embellishment extraordinaire Richard Sorger's work on Friday in person when I was invited to be a part of the Vauxhall Fashion Scout panel, selecting the peeps that will make up a chunk of the off-schedule for London Fashion Week.  Without saying whether or not Sorger will have a part to play in the schedule, I'm merely posting about his A/W 09 collection which once again is heavy with all the good things in life… sequins, holographic card, beading, embroidery and always in the right places as opposed to being patched on in random places. 




This jacket was particularly eye-catching with its scrunched up crepe de chine and raffia detailing…




There's that ubiquitous pailette again but backed up with satin ribbon coiling on the skirt…




I loved this long leather coat/dress and yes, that's right, I did just say I liked a 'long leather coat'…




I also completely forgot that Richard Sorger did some fantastic work for Meadham Kirchoff's A/W 09 collection; the embroidery on the trousers, dresses, jackets and shoes.  I love how the gold embroidery looks like it's sort of exploded into a mass of gold thread on the dress…


(Pics by Patrick Lindblom)

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  1. yup yup it was me ^-^… felt awkward and shy saying hi, as you guys looked so cute doing a spot of shopping and after all you are blog royalty. anyways, was great seeing you in person! you looked fab!! k xo

  2. Such a fan of the color palate – using scraps and ribbon could easily have gone awry but every piece is kept elegant and subtle. such impressive work!

  3. It’s certainly heavy on the rich details that makes clothes so much more desirable. The meticulous details are really soooo wonderful to look at even further.

  4. Wow. Absolutely stunning clothes.. The detail is really exquisite. Those kind of clothes areso inspiring I think. (well, they are for me as I’m very interested in fashion design, and love seeing amazing pieces like that.)
    Those pieces taken by Patrick Lindblom are really good too. I’ve been lucky enough to have a shoot with him before(:
    Your blog is really interesting, I like it alot!

  5. at last some people with some taste! Sorger’s offers a reprieve that feels like cool silk on the skin from the wonderful but yet dare i say it, getting slightly repetitive St Martin’s – Newgen – Topshop model of design

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