>> This has been knocking around for a bit and I keep forgetting that I need to get myself over to the Kemistry Gallery to check out illustrator/artist Damien Poulain's cute totems.  'Cute' is I guess a bit of a derogatory term I guess for Poulain's efforts to capture moments of 20th-21st century history in wooden 'totems'. A totem is apparently

"any supposed entity that watches over or assists a group of people, such as a family, clan, or tribe"

In Damien's world events like Britney shaving her head, the fall of the Berlin Wal and the TV test card all deserve to be made into totems, carved out of reclaimed wood and hand-painted.  He also has added a few designers that for him are significant fashion 'events' of he past…

Gareth Pugh


Comme des Garcons


Viktor & Rolf


If I was skilled enough to carve anything into wood (never ever worked with wood in D.T…), I'd have a different set of fashion events/figures to carve, entirely personal to me and not in any way significant in the grand scheme of things probably…

… Alaia's contribution to fashion in general…
…Boudicca's V&A Fashion in Motion show which I accidentally walked into…
…Discovering vintage for the first time in Rokit when I was 13…
…The Face (old, not the supposedly new digital version which someone is trying to unleash…)…
…Katy England…
…A pair of old Miu Miu platform shoes that were officially my first pair of proper serious heels…


>>I know this is very very lazy of me and these are gratuitous personal larking about shots that should go into the personal folder of the blog (think there's one of me snorting an olive and basil breadstick somewhere in this batch…) and I know it's not fashion week or anything so lazy outfit posts are completely inexcusable… but… I was quite impressed with the number of colours Style Salvage Steve and I managed to break out in yesterday despite the fact he was a bit illin'.  I've finally converted him to the therapeutic wonders of wearing something new/colourful, which thus lifts your spirits.  So he had his 50% COS colour block t-shirt and I had my stripy stripy Cooperative Designs dress which I layered over a Twelve by Twelve cheapie purple knitted dress because I'm feeling longer lengths now (it's a defiance act against the confuzzling fact that it's actually incredibly hard to find below knee length skirts/dresses on the high street…).  Random outfit post over…




I got to see embroidery, sequin and general embellishment extraordinaire Richard Sorger's work on Friday in person when I was invited to be a part of the Vauxhall Fashion Scout panel, selecting the peeps that will make up a chunk of the off-schedule for London Fashion Week.  Without saying whether or not Sorger will have a part to play in the schedule, I'm merely posting about his A/W 09 collection which once again is heavy with all the good things in life… sequins, holographic card, beading, embroidery and always in the right places as opposed to being patched on in random places. 




This jacket was particularly eye-catching with its scrunched up crepe de chine and raffia detailing…




There's that ubiquitous pailette again but backed up with satin ribbon coiling on the skirt…




I loved this long leather coat/dress and yes, that's right, I did just say I liked a 'long leather coat'…




I also completely forgot that Richard Sorger did some fantastic work for Meadham Kirchoff's A/W 09 collection; the embroidery on the trousers, dresses, jackets and shoes.  I love how the gold embroidery looks like it's sort of exploded into a mass of gold thread on the dress…


(Pics by Patrick Lindblom)


I can't praise the colour coral enough it seems… five posts on coral (coral 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) this year and now another.  I love typing the word and saying it.  Even if the colour is not QUITE coral, I still like to label it as so.  It's a happy sort of pink that never reaches the depth of red and thank god it doesn't because then I'd start getting the fear.  I've been waiting to break out with this new Tim Ryan fringe scarf (he's now stocked at Browns and is FINALLY gonna get with the times and have a website…). I must have dropped the coral hint pretty heavily because he came up with this amazing arrangement of colours of fringing on the scarf… deep deep coral, a sort of dark dusky pink and a bronzed peach on sewn onto pink lurex.  I'm treading into Nigella Lawson lascivious language here but the fingers can't help it when you're staring at these kind of colours.  Wearing it on the neck has sort of been out of the question as it's been getting up to around 28 degrees celcius in London even for someone like me who oddly doesn't sweat that much.  So, around the waist it went today in a sort of Hawaiian grass skirt formation.  Unlike grass though, this silk stuff was swinging around in a soft 'swoosh swoosh' motion, and has given me the major coral fix for the summer and beyond, boosted by other coral finds (EUR1 lace crop top, underwear, nail polish etc etc you get the idea…).