Let’s Pretend it’s Hawaii


I can't praise the colour coral enough it seems… five posts on coral (coral 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) this year and now another.  I love typing the word and saying it.  Even if the colour is not QUITE coral, I still like to label it as so.  It's a happy sort of pink that never reaches the depth of red and thank god it doesn't because then I'd start getting the fear.  I've been waiting to break out with this new Tim Ryan fringe scarf (he's now stocked at Browns and is FINALLY gonna get with the times and have a website…). I must have dropped the coral hint pretty heavily because he came up with this amazing arrangement of colours of fringing on the scarf… deep deep coral, a sort of dark dusky pink and a bronzed peach on sewn onto pink lurex.  I'm treading into Nigella Lawson lascivious language here but the fingers can't help it when you're staring at these kind of colours.  Wearing it on the neck has sort of been out of the question as it's been getting up to around 28 degrees celcius in London even for someone like me who oddly doesn't sweat that much.  So, around the waist it went today in a sort of Hawaiian grass skirt formation.  Unlike grass though, this silk stuff was swinging around in a soft 'swoosh swoosh' motion, and has given me the major coral fix for the summer and beyond, boosted by other coral finds (EUR1 lace crop top, underwear, nail polish etc etc you get the idea…).




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  1. Coral has to be one of my favourite colours, have just invested in some coral leggings that I’m attempting to pair with pretty much anything in my wardrobe!

  2. for me the amazing thing is that you can still layer and look super nice even if it’s very hot there! As for me.. I usually stick to my favorite shorts and tanks. Lack of imagination and courage I suppose

  3. You’re so creative, Susie. Necklace as a skirt; loves it. =)
    I’m working with coral soon (got some really cool branches). I send you pictures for Bubble-approval. =D

  4. I have to be honest, I’m not all too keen on this particular outfit. I think the bralette would have been better fastened up all the way instead of just hanging by a single button. I don’t care too much for the cardigan either, I think it’s too plain for Susie Bubble, although I like the sheer top very much.

  5. Ha, I disagree with Laura, closing the bralette would be worse, hanging like this it creates some curves, closing it would make it block-y. I love this outfit.

  6. Hello Style Bubble…I love reading your blog and I was wondering how you could help me. I’m a very fashion conscious person…thanks to your blog and similar others…But in my town I don’t have access to better private label designers. I was hoping you could give me a top ten list or more of your favorite online boutiques that have price points between $250.00 and $1,000.00 per item. I LOVE fashion accessories too. Please feel free helping me get very fashion creative.
    All other commenters, please feel free to contribute your favorite top 10 list as well.
    A Fashion Conscious Personality

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