GFW 2009: Tasty Tate

>> First show of the day was University of Northampton and one student that really stood out for me didn't make any clothes but is a footwear and accessories grad.  I'm appreciative of the fact the school showcased footwear/accessories grads on the runway – otherwsie I wouldn't have felt the full on effect of Onyedika Tate's wedges with cut-out and lace-up detailing.  These aren't even the most ornate of her footwear collection so I'll try and track down more of her images… 



She also designed an amazing collection of sunglasses which I couldn't capture properly on camera… it's a mask/sunnie hybrid fit for a sun warrior.


**EDIT** More shades that defy conventions…

Shades1 Shades2

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  1. I think is great that footwear and accessories are showcased on the runway, they actually deserve it and I pretty like the lace-up detail of those wedges.

  2. She will be at GFW tmr if u guys want to put an order in!!! the rest of her work is just as good!!

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