GFW 2009: Rainbows

>> I seem to be apologising A LOT lately but really, the week hasn't panned out exactly how I hoped.  a) I thought I would get a lot more blogging done in real time.  Sadly not because in between the shows, I've had to catch up on work emails and do my Dazed work as well as meeting n' greeting peeps.  The list of grads to talk up is about as long as my arm and even though graduate fashion week officially ends tonight with the Gala, for me, their work still deserves to be talked up.  The attention on them might well be concentrated into this one week period but they'll still be carrying their graduate collections with them for a while yet.  So the GFW posts will keep going beyond the week…. apologies for the confusion in advance… oh and the absence of menswear will be rectified… have got a fair amount of names to talk up there as once again, menswear at GFW is strong strong strong…

De Montford's show was chock full of deets and handiwork and Daisy Patridge's collection of complex pastel ensembles made me smile.  They fit the bill of the type of garden tea party outfits that I'd like to wear as opposed to actual tea dresses.  I even started devising a modern tea party soundtrack in my head when I was watching the show… 

Daisy1 Daisy2

Daisy4 Daisy5

Daisy6 Daisy3

Ravensbourne was full of stonkingly good collections and this is just the tip of the iceberg but Sian Lendrum's concept of black organza pieces over colour was quite a simple one and in a good way, reminded me of my favourite tights trick of putting black sheers over opaque colour. 

Sian1 Sian3

Sian4 Sian2

15 Replies to “GFW 2009: Rainbows”

  1. bonjour!
    susie i don’t know any other way how to say this, but you are my fashion idol. you combine everything i love about the material world (though it tends to go beyond a material love). you’re able to follow some sort of trend without looking like everybody else. you certainly are one of a kind. everytime i come online i anticipate how will you fascinate me.
    thankyou very much,

  2. Sian Lendrum’s collection looks pretty cool- layering summers brights with a sheer black shirt etc would look really good in autumn weather and another way to get more wear out of clothing.

  3. Yo Sarah…as I said…I’m getting there, getting there! I’m really really effing tired… so please, just give me a chance as I still need to see portfolios etc…

  4. Whoop for Sian and Daisy. Both of them were in took textiles at my school! I’m beginning to think maybe my school wasn’t as rubbish as I initially thought!
    I loved Sians collection, she said she had another 3 colours but her tutors didn’t put them in! Would’ve been amazing to see a 10 outfit line up.
    Hope you get a good rest after today!

  5. The “Modern Tea Party” ensembles are absolutely stellar – I like the black organza but I want to like it more. The problem is it seems to me – dare I say it? – as though those pieces are meant for older people.

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