GFW 2009: Excess Excess…?

>>SHOWstudio's Alex Fury made a comment on the CSM BA show that despite the hard times, overblown gowns heavy with fabric were everywhere, trains struggling to be dragged by models and a general feeling amongst the audience that we're not in the right frame of mind for excess… today, there was definitely excess in terms of quantity of fabric but fortunately, nothing too overwrought and painful to watch (yup, talking about the CSM grad that had a model looking like she might cry walking down the runway because of the IMMENSE size of the gown…). 

At the Northampton show, first show of the day… Nilupul Hettiarachahige was also out to give excess with models obscured in a giant ruffles/rosettes and yards of fabric flying away from the body.  


DSC_0557 DSC_0556

Bridie MacLeod at Kingston also ruffled and frilled to a lesser extent… with an Emma Cook feel to the way the pieces fell…


DSC_0560 DSC_0562

Alexander James has attempted reinventing a new set of clothes for his imaginary/contemporary emperor and has succeeded in injecting the most amount of fabric into these super pleated trousers that fell like harem pants and from behind had an extraordinary amount of detailing…


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  1. Okay, those pants are fantastic! WANT!
    I have a semi-theory that all this fabric is due to a desire for swaddling. Everything feels very insecure right now, especially for young people just starting out, and we’re looking for the comfort of infancy, being wrapped in blankets and cuddled.
    Of course, I could just be talking out of my @$$…

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