Lovecarpetsusie >>I can read people's minds without even knowing it.  Or rather, I'm inspired by collections that I haven't yet heard about…amazing… this is AS good as being able to tell whether it's raining or not by feeling your boobs (most bizarre psychic power to come through in popular culture, no?)

Adel Kovacs, a fashion student from Hungary sent me an email, doctoring a picture I posted this morning along with a link to her collection that like my outfit, is nude and black all over, albeit with more textures like pvc shoulder detailing, loose knit and a print dotting the nude chiffon skirts, dresses and leggings. 

Mad skills, I tells ya, maaaad skills…

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  1. Ty Ty says:

    Great outfit! i love this girls outfit, understated chic 🙂
    Ty Ty

  2. Ty Ty says:

    oops i meant collection not outfit!

  3. Isabel says:

    Black and nude is fast becoming my new favourite colour combination. 😉

  4. marketa says:

    Oooh, I love that bag

  5. amanda says:

    LOVE the nude and black palette. ( i couldn’t help but laugh at little at the label’s name “lovecarpet”. do i have a dirty mind or what?)

  6. Roxy Starr says:

    the photos are really cool. i love the black and nude together.

  7. very cool pics with great outfits 😀
    i love nude especially together with black !

  8. Charlie says:

    Wow those garments are beautiful!

  9. Wow, stem tags as a fashion statement! I never would’ve thought of that. Not in a million years. This is an amazing collection!
    -SarahJayne @ Knockout Vintage Clothing

  10. Gorgeous! There’s something about it that reminds me of Alexander Wang’s collection that I loved.

  11. Meream says:

    My god, you’re a fashion psychic now! You can earn millions for that. 😀

  12. PinkBow says:

    nude an black… what a great colour combination

  13. Vikki Lea says:

    Psychic weather-boobs (Cf. Mean Girls) make me smile. As do your great posts.
    Thanks to you I have rediscovered navy (long banished from my wardrobe after horrible polyester school uniform associations) and been inspired to experiment more. Vik x

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