It's got to be said that I'm one of those people that don't really rely or need denim to necessitate outfits.  I don't have attachments to jeans or actually, after a recent purge, do I actually have a pair of jeans existing in my wardrobe.  This isn't to throw out an airy statement that is supposed to be nonchalent or something because I am in fact basically denim-challenged.  It's hard for me to find the stuff be it a natty denim jacket (remember when everyone was on the search for one of those specimens of denim jackets after Kirsten Dunst traipsed around wearing one for the whole summer…) or a bum-lifting, leg-legthening pair of jeans.  Then of course I get distracted by all the other good things that don't require as much thinking and it's bye bye denim, hello sequin shorts/crepe de chine dresses/mesh t-shirts… etc etc…

London-based French photographer Babette Pauthier's latest set of photos for Portuguese online mag Pure makes me realise that of course, given the right denim piece, it suddenly becomes a lot more interesting and my attention can be fixed on say… a cut out denim jacket, denim prints onf soft fabrics, bleached out spots… denim-challenged me needs more of these 'difficult' solutions to not eliminate denim entirely from my wardrobe (that said, thank god for The Urban Collection keeping me in frayed denim oversized jackets and vintage Jordache…)




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  1. diane says:

    Susie, if I had your wardrobe, I wouldn’t wear denim either. I’m wearing it right now, shocking I know.

  2. geri says:

    haha, no! if anyone could rock it, it’s you!

  3. tracey ellle says:

    id not wear denim either if i had ur wardrobe.. lol

  4. Winnie says:

    It’s too humid for denim at the moment anyway but that shot of the denim maxi looking dress is pretty awesome. I also love that denim jacket with the half bleached white and acid wash! I want it!
    I’m so jealous of your impending trip to HK. I’m already looking forward to your blog posts for then!

  5. cool blue photos! i love the grainy, ghostly look they exude.
    it’s always interesting to see what new things can be done with denim.

  6. Hannah says:

    Love the first one! I did something like that with a jacket recently – now I want about ten more to experiment on!

  7. Hannah says:

    oooo i have the same denim problem.
    i’m totally challenges and now own no denim at all *gasps*

  8. selina says:

    there doesn’t seem to be much you can do with denim that’s totally new, maybe it’s because you can never stray far from exposed seams and stitching? i have a hidden craving for those legging/jean hybrids though…. must supress!

  9. Molly Rose says:

    Now that is denim done right, (I have the same issue though… it just takes to much effort finding the right kinds)

  10. sd says:

    well all of that is just beautiful :]

  11. it looks really really cool. no other words to describe it.

  12. I think it takes a bit more to rock a wardrobe sans denim, (Although I do the same, ha ha!) so bravo. All the same, those pieces are quite fabulous.

  13. theresa says:

    Denim pieces are timeless, these are gorgeous photos =]

  14. You know, I completely CANNOT picture you in denim…and I designed the damn stuff for two different companies! It’s just not “you” I guess, and that’s totally OK/great
    Although…I can kind of picture you in the outfit with the black peplum skirt…maybe there’s hope for you yet 😉

  15. Florenz says:

    I am definitely with you about the denim. I’m not a huge fan and can’t imagine myself ever wearing a denim jacket, but with stuff as edgy and fresh as in the pictures above, I may reconsider =P

  16. susie_bubble says:

    ^Yup…. I was thinking of that On Ying Lai jacket too…. cage denim jackets…. all the rage y’all…

  17. adreamer says:

    does this mean you’ll be doing a double denim outfit post soon? i look forward to that 🙂

  18. I think cage-y denim pieces could be a good DIY…no sewing required, just snipping…do it, do it!

  19. Meream says:

    You don’t have a pair of denim jeans? Oh my god, you are a rarity. A truly special person. 😀

  20. Those clothes caught my attention. I love the color of denim jackets looks very attractive. but i wonder if there;s any color available of that. keep posting!

  21. Isabel says:

    Wow, you don’t own a single pair of jeans? Unusual as it is, I actually really envy you.

  22. That was fantastic, awesome denim jeans. thanks for the post.

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