Deep into the Heath


>>I know this is very very lazy of me and these are gratuitous personal larking about shots that should go into the personal folder of the blog (think there's one of me snorting an olive and basil breadstick somewhere in this batch…) and I know it's not fashion week or anything so lazy outfit posts are completely inexcusable… but… I was quite impressed with the number of colours Style Salvage Steve and I managed to break out in yesterday despite the fact he was a bit illin'.  I've finally converted him to the therapeutic wonders of wearing something new/colourful, which thus lifts your spirits.  So he had his 50% COS colour block t-shirt and I had my stripy stripy Cooperative Designs dress which I layered over a Twelve by Twelve cheapie purple knitted dress because I'm feeling longer lengths now (it's a defiance act against the confuzzling fact that it's actually incredibly hard to find below knee length skirts/dresses on the high street…).  Random outfit post over…




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  1. I love the purple dress, so true about the longer lengths-last year all I bloody wanted was a simple long black skirt, I ended up having to get one from a charity shop so shite was the highstreet (and the internet!)

  2. A whole paragraph of excuses, and then you hit us with a killer outfit? Totally necessary, I say. Purple hasn’t looked so appealing in a long time.

  3. I’m feeling a bit of a shift towards longer skirt lengths as well…it’s inexplicable, but it’s lingering there in the back of my mind none-the-less….very strange!

  4. heheheh olive and basil breadstick snorting…I’ll be cruel and ask you to post it just for the laughs. 🙂
    RAINBOW! love what both of you guys are wearing.

  5. Steve in colours that’s seemingly new. haha
    Well, it’s always good to be uplifted by a colourful ensemble from time to time. Life need not be dark after all…

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