>> Blogging on the go here but I have just seen the AW09 Christopher Kane for Topshop collection…I cant post pics or even give descriptive deets but I had to post a mini note to urge people to get saving when its hits stores (New York included) in September… price range is about ¬£40-¬£160.

Its HUGE for a start…39 pieces with shoes and bags. All the Kane type touches you would want and not at all watered down in quality….I defy people NOT to find something they like…

Am currently confuzzled as to how many pieces I want to buy and how much its gonna cost me….

Need lunch and a calculator….

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  1. Shira says:

    would you be able to give us an idea of price ranges?

  2. Louise says:

    wow, i’m so excited about this range! i love designer collabs with high street stores :).
    yeah, it would be great if you could give us an idea of price ranges!

  3. Alice C says:

    Ooh didnt know he was doing another collection for topshop! Hope my student loan comes first! x

  4. Brigadeiro says:

    Am waiting with baited breath! 🙂

  5. Oh, wow! Sounds exciting…
    Mmh, I think my mouth’s watering!

  6. faddict says:

    Can’t wait for pics! Is it too much to hope for some items with scalloped edging?

  7. Emma says:

    ooo! do you know when it’s going to be in store? xxxx

  8. stefanie says:

    I am SO excited to see his collection! Can’t wait =)

  9. MANFOX says:

    I hope it makes it to the online store… can’t wait to see pictures

  10. Line says:

    Haha, I will need to get to a TopShop country by september then, thank you 🙂

  11. Hannah says:

    Oh man oh man oh man,I’m so excited! I’ve loved all of his Topshop ranges so far!

  12. Oh my, I can’t wait to see some pictures! My birthday is in September…right in time!

  13. Susan says:

    F*** my student loan, who needs food I have to own a piece of Christopher Kane clothing! I just watched the programme about him on iplayer. What a genius.

  14. michelle says:

    OMG I cannot believe it!! Thanks for the info. I’m just crazy about his design!!

  15. amanda says:

    oh shiiiiiiit. gonna take your advice and save…maybe not start now but at least by august! haha

  16. pretty face says:

    One of my most expensive buys was a pencil skirt from the first CK for Topshop collection…
    Unlike other splurges, which I have noticed often remain unworn, it is 100% my go-to piece for any time I feel a little body conscious, LOVE IT.
    Oh and GCSEs = serious lack of blogging commitment, so I am v. late on yesterday’s events and I just wanted to give you my support. I don’t know if you read my comment on that original post, but I basically said those were my favourite photos you’d ever posted. Aah.. xxx

  17. Christing says:

    oh i can’t wait! topshop collaborations are the always amazing!

  18. mo says:

    christopher is a good man! love his stuff
    <3 buttonsandbowsla.com

  19. Karoline says:

    That have to look amazing!

  20. Katie says:

    Ahh i’m physced! No wait, i’ll probably have to use that money for my college materials, and I will only just have got a job.. I’ll have to work in topshop for discounts..! Neverless I have totally high hopes!
    Katie x

  21. Luce says:

    YESS!! i’m going to be in the UK for this ! awesome doesn’t even begin to describe.

  22. KB says:

    Oooh I can’t wait, guess I’ll be queuing up with the crazy people…

  23. pearl says:

    OMG! GOOOOD NEWS! YEAH! Do need to start saving now. Thanks for the heads up!
    Can’t wait to see the pics for the collection. Hope he does something with tweed.

  24. Oh gawd! I will have to cut up my creditcard before this happens 😉
    ps- I know you are probably sick of Hogg comments, Susie, but Cath and I just wanted to say that your blog is the blog that inspired us to start our own 2 years ago- not blogs that showed skinny whippets or models pouting. Your creativity is admirable- and that’s what we love in the Susie photos. I had a “Kenzo” experience the first time I went to NY when I was 15. I stepped into Catherine Malandrino and every sales assistant turned their back and moved as far away from me and my fam as possible- staying that way until we left. I still cringe thinking of that memory. Keep on keeping on! You rock the pants/lycra off those peeps!

  25. Marta says:

    Faaaaaaabulous! How can I wait?? I want to see it now!!!!

  26. lopi says:

    Hey, Philip Green dude, launch Topshop in Greece already! Gosh…

  27. Winnie says:

    Oh no. Definitely sounds like I need to start saving now…!

  28. Oh, I can’t wait to see!

  29. rockie says:

    the test entry you posted wouldn’t open through bloglvin’

  30. Claire says:

    Page 293 of elle uk october 2009 edition shows the range (alothough not sure if it is in full…)

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