>>I know LF Markey's Vermeer-inspired, contra-period styled A/W09 lookbook has been extolled about before but since I'm in a rush to get a train to Manchester for the weekend and I have a thing about all things nicely packaged, so be it…

I present to you LF Markey's basic line shrink wrapped in the tightest way possible.  I've had a fetish for the Foodsaver infomercial ever since I saw it when I was 11… Vacuum Save them and they will last forever!  I love the way when you open anything vacuum packed and that air poofs out.  Can't explain it.  It's just immensely satisfying.  I reluctantly opened this one but then the air popped out and I was left with a perfectly formed whtie shirt so all is well.


More packaging porn… a neatly presented lookbook in a box…


Serenity comes only with white headphones, a Mac Book, perfectly falling velvet dresses and some apples (Pink Lady please!)




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  1. Brigadeiro says:

    Ooh! How amazing, I remember loving the pics, how amazing to have them in hard copy, and with such cool packaging! 🙂 Have fun in Manchester!

  2. Sister Wolf says:

    But let’s see the perfect shirt!!!

  3. Brilliant takes on old oils!

  4. Daniella says:

    Gorgeous! I love the lookbook.

  5. KD says:

    I have GOT to learn more about this designer.

  6. Meream says:

    These are amazing. I am absolutely in love with Vermeer but I love this modern twist.

  7. pearl says:

    oohh! Where do you buy the lookbook + shirt from?

  8. Angel says:

    you have a great blog! 😀 love it…

  9. reba says:

    hey susie
    whilst you’re in manchester, go visit mcqueen on beech rd, chorlton. you get the 86 or 85 bus from piccadilly bus station, and get off at chorlton bus station (last stop). from there you just walk down beech road, past the park, and you’ll get to the fabulousness that is my favourite shop in manchester!

  10. reba says:

    actually, after leaving that message, i just realised that there is a tie for my favourite shop in manchester – the other shop being oklahoma in the northern quarter (though not a clothes shop – more of a fancy goods emporium)

  11. jess says:

    I love the Vermeer inspired shoot! They are amazing images…love the addition of ‘modern’ accessories like the laptop and headphones. very very cool.

  12. Lara says:

    wow amazing blog.
    echange links?
    let me know if you want to! i would be happy if you take alook at my blog.
    love your style…

  13. I want that trim little orange box to place on my desk and just look lovely…

  14. May says:

    They are very lovely photos. Its interesting to see how the clothing has been interpreted for their lookbook. Their website is so modernist minimal; it really encourages looking at their clothing differently. I would think this is the complete opposite of campaigns like for Marais Girl. For that, there was really the idea of ‘if you are this kind of girl, you wear our clothes.’ Here, it seems very much ‘you think you know us and our clothes?’

  15. Belinda says:

    Ah, i love the refined, august atmosphere of classical art in each picture of the lookbook… very different from the flashy “if you wear this, you are an exciting person!” motifs. Those get so gaudy and tiresome after a while.

  16. xarina says:

    hi there. just wanted to add something cause your post made me smile a bit. when something is vacuum, there is no air inside per se. so it’s impossible that any air comes out when u open it. =P
    keep the blog up, u have great style…

  17. Laia says:

    i love this!

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