Proud Parentage

If giving birth to a child, raising him/her can be likened to spawning a label, nurturing it and watching it grow, then Parents Muqliza Imroni and Resida Irmine, both based in Jakarta, Indonesia should be very Proud indeed.  Together they are Proud Parents who have just launched their debut collection.  House under the creative studio/boutique/art space A.O.D. (Association of Dividion), Proud Parents along with brands Notorious Fam and Bizarre represent something of a minimal, print tee-based, easy-black, hard-edged-detailing collective that must mean something is going down in Jakarta that I should check out sometime soon.  A.O.D. has just opened a pop-up store that I can't for the life of me, find the address of, not that I'm suddenly going to zip over to Jakarta so photos from Footurama will suffice.  

Back to Proud Parents Muqliza and Resida though… it was always going to be a happy marriage between an illustrator/jeweller and stylist/designer.  Two multi-talented fiends have come together to give birth to a number of things…

These designer-homage illustrated light tees/hoodies…

Proudpar1 Proudpar2

…and their Femme Fatale collection of what could be either be considered a versatile basics wardrobe (that would be me…) or clothes that venture to the hard-edged side of things without going so far as to be deemed unwearable.  I personally see layering opportunities aplenty and a chance to lighten up the black with a mixy mix mix whilst taking advantage of details like zippers, sheer panels and D-ringed straps; so I'm going to grab that opportunity and see what I can do to purchase from these proud parents.  This post is the "Congratulations on your newborn!" note if you will.  Let's hope a visit from the blessed child will ensue.  It goes without saying that the printed pieces of course are the highlights…

In addition they have also given birth to these safety pin filled boxed jewellery pieces that have come about from Muqliza Imroni's jewellery brand Sou Brette.  May Muqliza and Resida continue to give birth to more offspring of this ilk… 


19 Replies to “Proud Parentage”

  1. the jewelry is insanely good! I often look at safety pins or safety pin jewelry as so DIY looking, especially those tom binns pearl/safety pin combos because I could get safety pins anywhere…but the safety pins encased like that adds more value .
    Ahhh dying to get my hands on one.

  2. Wow. I’m really into the jewelry, too! It’s all about the statement pieces these days, at least for me… I am enjoying the double zippered front of those tunics, too. I was recently trying on a dress with that same hardware. How would you suggest you wear them? Open and over a bodysuit and leggings or something?

  3. I’m voting that this is versatile wearability, and I’d definitely get pieces for my wardrobe. Very awesome, thank you for this Susie!
    xxx Kate

  4. I really like the printed tees/hoodies and your misspell of fiends instead of friends gave it a fun edge.
    Having been sick makes me realize even more how much work you put into your blog. I could barely keep up reading, let alone leave comments or post anything. I have a lot of respect for you, Susie. You are so much more than just a pretty face. xo

  5. I hope that it wasn’t as painful for them as giving birth to a child. But they have definitely created something to be proud of. I love the dress at the bottom and the safety pin jewellery.

  6. Hi, your blogs is awsome !!!!
    you have too much style
    look my blogs maybe you like it
    sorry i am not so good talking in english
    because i am from argentina 🙂
    greettings for you !!

  7. ooh, those necklines are great! and i love the safety pin jewellery. woop! i was wondering, you haven’t done a ‘cogs’ of style post in ages… i’m interested to see if they’ve changed much since the new job / bf wardrobe appropriation?!? 😀

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