Some of you have been pointing it out and on this occasion of a press mention, I really was taken by surprise.  Yup, in Style Bubble along with other deserving bloggers – Garance, Rumi, Jane and Arabelle (such is the fame in their names that I need use last names…) got mentioned in the latest issue of British Vogue… and my mug was in a Who What Wore feature, rounding up the trends of London Fashion Week streetstyle – I apparently fall into the MASH-UP and PUNKANOVA categories…I've yet to define what those words mean but I THINK I more or less agree…

Anyhow the feature in the issue that sent me on a mass Google chase was the My Inspiration piece, enlisting a ton of fashion biggies to show and tell all about their one single inspiration image.  Designer Roksanda Ilincic chose a Serge Lutens Shiseido ad from the 80s' which gave me enough image-tempting incentive to trawl Blitz Kids and TFS for a mass Lutens overload.  Can't get enough of the half photograph, half painterly femmes with mysterious eyes and sheathed in perfect maquillage…


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  1. grace e. says:

    Congrats on being featured in British Vogue! That’s huge! Those paintings/photos are pretty sweet. I love how it’s hard to tell if it’s the real thing or not. Hope all is well 🙂

  2. cassiopeia says:

    Just WOW to those Lutens images! And so very many congrats for the Vogue mention… coming so soon after the top 100 power people too! ;-D you deserve all the praise! for putting up with all of us hehe. keep makin us proud girl!

  3. Shini says:

    Yeeeey I saw you in Vogue too 😀 I saw you near Bond Street too but I was wondering if it was you and by the time I made up my mind, you were gone hobbling down the street! poor you, how’s the foot?

  4. Karoline says:

    Thats really a big thing! Congrats! Adore your blog btw:)

  5. geisharock says:

    I saw that feature, congrats 🙂
    “Punkanova” is definitely an… interesting way to describe a style. Maybe it’s something between punk and galactical?
    Z xoxo

  6. wow …super cool …kind of reminds me of some posters I had in the 80’s …love it.

  7. yilin says:

    Wow I LOVE those ads! Graphic yet mysterious, and so different from the ads I see nowadays. I’ll be checking them out for sure.

  8. Libby says:

    I saw you in Vouge as well. Cool but creepy pictures, karoline said it Punkanova is between punk and galactial!

  9. Alice Le says:

    I love your blog. You deserve to be featured. 🙂

  10. Christine says:

    Congratulations! You so deserve to be featured!

  11. Drusilla says:

    Oh wow..though honestly, the mention should have happened YEARS ago, but it’s still brilliant. As are those images- femme fatale rocking the maquillage is not something I can hope to be, but it’s still so good to look at..

  12. emmet says:

    last photo reminds of Ava Adore Smashing Pumpkins cover albums….it’s pretty gothic and mystery.

  13. what??/!!! punkanova? i’m confused as you are Susie 😛

  14. KD says:

    Gasp! I love those pictures! And congratulations on the definitely deserved mention!

  15. Liz Blair says:

    You are so lucky to get your photo taken and published by so many people. I would love to go to some of these places where stylish people hang out.

  16. Sister Wolf says:

    Beautiful pictures! And now, Serge Lutens has an over-priced make-up line at Barneys. I bought a lipstick, Just Because.

  17. i love that punkanova word.
    i met that photographer [wasn’t he a photographer/makeup artist?] on a go-see in the early 90s. i didn’t make the cut!

  18. Sunset says:

    WOW, British Vogue?? Huuuge congratulations, Susie! 😀

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