Smile Upon Me when Shopping

>> I don't normally have shopping companions with me as I shop like a batty old lady, tunnelling through rails, muttering things to myself, don't try things on, buy things in a flash and generally a bit of an anti-social mouse.  But when Erin from Refinery 29 asked for a shop whizz around Brick Lane, I said yay to relieve the boyf of traipsing around with me, bearing my old lady mutterings and haphazard shopping methods.  So here's a pictorial whizz here showing an array of expressions from smiley (trying on crazy sunnies) to disgusted (when faced with a pair of ¬£850 Rick Owens booties…) and the texty details are on Refinery 29


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  1. I always shop on my own! I can’t stand having people around me… They make me waste a lot of time, and often criticize what I am about to purchase…
    But the worst thing of all is that I can’t avoid sounding snobbish when I am asked for an opinion on a friend’s possible purchase… I don’t do it on purpose, but I know it’s like that. =)

  2. I like shopping on my own as well – I think it’s because my tastes are so different to my friends’. Have lived in London for 3 years but have never been to Brick Lane! Had a fun romp around Ox St today though. 🙂

  3. i prefer to shop alone too.
    i always take age umming and ahhing over purchases then at the last minute ill ditch it and run out of the store.
    i will then proceed to come back to that same store the day afer and actually buy it.

  4. Shopping alone has its perks but sometimes it’s nice to shake things up a bit. Loved the refinery29 article, between that and your shopmap I have some handy pointers on where to shop when i’m in London!

  5. i loved this post (yours and refinery’s). the card glasses are such a trip. i’m going to be working at refinery29 this summer, and i can only hope to work on such a fun project!

  6. I love to go shopping just by myself too. I can’t help but being extremely unconfortable with people arround me giving their opinion and tips! Nice photos, love the card-glasses!

  7. I actually only shop with my boyfriend, he understands me and make me take my time, non of my girlfriends would do that. They are always to busy with themselves:P

  8. I rarely get to do it, but I do enjoy shopping by myself. I read the “texty” details and it sounds and looks like it was a ton of fun!

  9. I shop alone most of the time too, there is a lot more freedom that way too. I can linger in the store for longer without annoying anyone! This looks like a fun day out!

  10. HAHA your “¬£850?!?!” face is priceless 🙂 I always shop on my own too, or with my mum – she’s the only one who can put up with me. My boyfriend gets really bad-tempered, my friends tend to wander off and get lost, my sister goes into a zombie trance and my cousins tend to break down and cry when I take them along with me. I think the Oxford circus Topshop is the ultimate test of shopping companions (re: crying incident). Where is the best place to go on Brick Lane? I’ve wandered around a few times for Tatty Devine/curry-eating reasons but never during the day so I have no idea where to find these cool shopping areas. xoxo

  11. I def get the shopping on your own thing… Tho shopping with my mother is often nice too. She actually *gets* my way of shopping and always picks things up I’d never look twice at but *love* once on… Looks like you had a blast. Haven’t been to B.Ln for yrs!!! 🙂

  12. I shop with my partner and we have a lot of fun (I also go look at the places he wants to look too) but sometimes I wish I knew a girl who enjoyed shopping as much as I do 🙁

  13. This is such a good London-y collage, it makes me want to go to Brick Lane and skip along to Lily Allen LDN fare!
    I agree about the shopping bit, if i go shopping with other people i commit to the fact i won’t buy anything- my shopping-mood makes for bad company…

  14. I think you have to choose shopping partners carefully, like roommates or boyfriends. A good shopping partner will shop at the same speed as you, will provide constructive criticisms and is good at picking out items that would “just look great on you”!
    Looks like you two had such a fun day!

  15. i love this. it’s just casual. and wow ya topshop hyperload. amazing. i had to comment over here i don’t think i can load all those again! i like, again, they creeper-ish kind of soled boots.

  16. oops. and… ya i shop alone. i’m really serious about my shopping. and i wish i didn’t care but especially when i thrift and everything is one of a kind! i can’t handle thinking someone else will get the good stuff.

  17. no i dont have and i dont want it it sshit anyway muhahahahah

  18. no i dont have and i dont want it it sshit anyway muhahahahah

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