I'm touching on the point of irrelevance here but I'll go at it anyway because it's been a grey rainy day which has led me down paths of whimsical and unfocused browsing on the internet.  Louise Richardson, I repeat, isn't a designer but an artist based in Norwich who is exhibiting her work at the King of Hearts Centre, Norwich from 16th May. 

“I am currently looking at the
idea of memory and identity, bringing universal messages to the viewer
through the portrayal of objects in my own memory.”

The objects that Louise remembers from her memory clearly involve a lot of dresses.  Little girl princess dresses that have been worn to death and then grow dusty and weathered and butterflies congregate on them over time.  Or photographs from years gone by get scattered and interwoven in the muslin fabric.  I don't exactly know what tale Louise is trying to tell with each of her garments but it's both a personal one and one with themes that resonate universally.  I'm not suggesting for a minute that Louise takes these ideas to wearable clothing form because a fleeting glance at these images already make the eyes well up at a certain scratchy lemon tulle dress that I hated wearing but loved to look at and other garments of the same ilk. 





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  1. John says:

    That mossy vest is amazing. Thing about this is it could easily be adapted to garments you could wear. The creative process is very similar to the path a designer could take, it is just the end product that is slightly different.

  2. John says:

    Or are they cacti? Or dandylions? Amazing either way!

  3. Yvonne Gao says:

    i like the one with the photographs more than the butterflys. The butterflys seems to be just pretty. u know, looks-wise. but the photographs one actually made me think.

  4. jennine says:

    these are absolutely stunning, i love how each dress tells a story, like a book story… beautiful

  5. Line says:

    I love the one with the scribbled paper, and the moss vest is so funky, Imagine that with a leather skirt, the textures are so contradictory it would look fab, on someone, like say you 🙂

  6. diane says:

    They should be worn, just rub hydrocortizone all over first.

  7. eli says:

    wow, I want the dresses!

  8. Corrie says:

    Oh my. If I had money to purchase beautiful things to hang on my walls, this is what I would buy. Stunnnnnnnning.

  9. Miann says:

    These are freaking amazing. I want to physically touch and smell and see these garments to take it all in. Oh, and I want the first dress, I think I’d wear it one day!

  10. boubou says:

    im impressed … incredible work …what a great idea !! i think im gonna add one of them in one of my collages ( in making a link of your blog of course ! )
    waou !!

  11. dust says:

    Margiela had this incredible exhibition of dresses that were each in separate display and each had a different sort of fungus growing over them, green, red, blue fungus, you know, depending on the styling,ha,ha. There is nothing on the net about it, weird… Well, this reminds of it…

  12. Zoe says:

    Woww. I love that denim photograph dress, they really are an amazing collection of dresses.

  13. Wow…these are incredible! I might start gluing photos to dresses…although I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t come out like that.
    I saw you in bloody Vogue, miss! Congrats!

  14. Very hauntingly beautiful designs. I especially love the first picture.

  15. Brigadeiro says:

    How absolutely other-worldy! LOVE that butterfly dress, my jaw literally dropped!

  16. kirsty says:

    i really love these, would look amazing in a decayed themed photoshoot!

  17. eyeliah says:

    Great post, that first dress is so incredible.

  18. Deana says:

    Wow, these are incredible.

  19. they are all great…every garment has a story to tell and after all thats what we love about clothes…

  20. Michelle says:

    Au contraire, I don’t think this post is irrelevant at all. I think the lines between fashion and art are easily blurred (just look at those paper dresses in your previous post). Artists and fashion designers are just trading materials, I suppose.

  21. Rebil says:

    Unbelievable! I have never seen such wonderful designs! Awesome imagination!

  22. Yoork says:

    That butterfly dress is gorgeous! I love the tea-stained look of it.

  23. Janel says:

    I LOVE THIS. she is so talented.

  24. tanya says:

    simply amazing. i like the look that everything is kind of decaying, lost in memory…

  25. These are true works of art! The first few really remind me of a Degas ballerina’s dress brought to life!

  26. Rachelle says:

    Oh Susie Bubble you always brighten my day. Thank you!

  27. tracey says:

    thanks for turning me on to this woman. i am totally digging her esoteric aesthetic.

  28. Helen says:

    They are beautiful…i am actually welling up a little

  29. Joanna says:

    It seems that these garments were came from memory.

  30. patriflux says:

    i love the denim dress SO MUCH, although they all are beautifully decaying!

  31. Meream says:

    now THIS is the kind of exhibit i’d want to see! truly amazing.

  32. Mara says:

    I have once seen an exhibition by her at The Cut, in Halesworth. She is really amazing and I am glad to see someone commenting her work on the internet.

  33. missmilki says:

    These are beautiful – I’d love to see them in real life.

  34. Karoline says:

    If i could wear the second dress I would. Love the way he use clothes in his art, clothing is an artform that many people dont think of as art.

  35. fashionstyle says:

    Beautiful…a mix of art and style

  36. janavi says:

    Beautiful work- thanks for sharing it with us!

  37. Denise says:

    Nothing’s irrevelant! Regardless of the subject matter it will always have your unique take on it (that’s why I’m here).
    Thanks for the intro to Louise. We’ve all seen the butterflies and photographs before but I never tire of them, especially when used in such a personal way, and conveyed so exquisitely.

  38. Ruth says:

    I love this artist and the butterfly dress is amazing, its funny how when something begins to decay in nature it actually becomes even more beautiful and mysterious!

  39. Kay says:

    She would make amazing clothes if she wanted too.
    These are incredible, and I love most art that deals with identity.

  40. dapper kid says:

    These are so unbelievably beautiful and emotive! I always wonder how fascinating clothes could become if designers decided to ignore the human form, and give their message solely through clothing on display, and I suppose in a way this is one of the answers. The dress with the photographs is so breathtaking, I actually have goosebumps.

  41. pan says:

    her works amazing ive seen it exhibited at the norwich fringe festival a couple of times and she came in to talk to my a level art textiles class. alot of the photos she uses are crystalised in sugar. and she works in alot of non clothign fabric, a corset made of metal, a dress coated in plaster. theyre incridibly intricate up close.

  42. anijnas says:

    The portraits dress is great!

  43. Belinda says:

    These clothes made my heart twinge and my eyes well up.

  44. Neira says:

    omg that is gorgeous
    such a clever idea

  45. Just yesterdayI was browsing the work of an artist with similar concepts/asthetic. Usually I am not drawn to this kind of stuff, but these pieces have a kind of painful, yet sweet historical resonance. That probably sounds so loopy, but I just can’t put my finger on it. Either way, I’m loving this and I think I’ll check out what else she’s got on her blog…

  46. selina says:

    gosh wow these are breathtaking

  47. what stunning pieces of art!!

  48. scott says:

    i am truly enamoured. i want to invite this beautiful creator to participate in my project so badly!
    this for me,is a true representation of utter poetry.

  49. scott says:

    please check my facebook!

  50. I didn’t know her work, so thank you for this great post! My passion for anthropology is reflected in my obsession for the connections between memories and objects. This “book” I wrote about awhile ago, totally captured me:
    it’s really on the “cool side” and it will (sadly in my opinion…) become a movie with Brad Pitt and Natalie Portman, but it’s surely one of the best things I stumbled upon lately 🙂

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  52. jerrenhorn says:

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