Another two seasons pass and I find myself wanting to tough it out with a pair of LD Tuttle shoes with their new A/W 09-10 collection.  So many near-Tuttle opportutieis – lingering over them on Oak NYC, nearly clicking that Checkout button and had I made it to their showroom in New York whilst I was there I might even have done the Tuttle deed.  2009 will surely mark the year I finally get Tuttled.  Especially when the shoes in question, whilst clearly evolved from the last fall collection, have blossomed with added detailing and textures.  Like the clasps that make satisfying click noises when they snap into place in the first picture, the exposed stitches, the criss-crossing leather and the curved platforms. 

I'm cheering on the bank account to get me some Tuttle action…

P.S. I just like the word Tuttle and the way it sounds. 







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  1. Brigadeiro says:

    Ooh! I’ve had my eye on ‘The Spectre’ since it came out, LOVE it! They’ve already sold out in my size 🙁

  2. WendyB says:

    That’s a bit of a Kirkwood sole, isn’t it? I expect to see more of that. I agree, Tuttle is a good word!

  3. hek says:

    That first shoe is to die for!

  4. AusAnna says:

    i love them all. something different 🙂

  5. attalie says:

    susie, i must tell you that i fell for ld tuttle after seeing them here on your blog and immediately bought a pair when they first appeared on, so now you really should get a pair! i saw the new ones with the leather-covered carved heels in person and they are really amazing.

  6. Jules says:

    I love them all.;D
    But i what i wanted most is the fifth shoes..;D
    Very nice post.Hope to see more from you..

  7. amanda says:

    ld tuttle is so on point this year…i drooled over a bunch too on my bloggy blog…so many good ones to choose from!

  8. estelle says:

    SAME. just found out that my favourite shop in Melbourne is stocking them for our Winter. yesssss although noooooo money.

  9. Solo says:

    Love the third one..;D
    Thanks for posting those gorgeous shoes..

  10. Suzanne says:

    The first and the fourth pair is amazing! Wish I had them..

  11. Austere says:

    The structure, the stiching, the shine! Those shoes are uterly amazing. All the shoes are gorgeous.

  12. s, i am so sorry i missed you when you were in dublin. i love your blog and your style. please check out my blog. i have a secondhand clothes shop in dublin. every day for 5 days i wear a different outfit.

  13. Imelda Matt says:

    I’m not soled…but I wanna c you back in heels & if it’s Tuttle that makes that a reality, then so be it.

  14. 晓影 says:


  15. Sister Wolf says:

    I almost Tuttled once…the style with the little feather tails in the back.

  16. cassiopeia says:

    They’re so cute! I especially love the 2nd pair. Yum. Though they’d surely get messed up uber quickly… though they look like they could handle it ;-D

  17. Lamodeisrad says:

    Love them!

  18. adreamer says:

    liking the name is fair enough. say it fast enough and it sounds like you’re saying turtle in a retarded kind of way 😀
    the shoes speak for themselves. the first pair are absolutely divine

  19. luxirare says:

    yes totally agree about criss cross leather ones! These shoes are great, one of them reminds me of some whittled down version of those Margiela shoes with the little strap crossing the toes.

  20. Georgie says:

    I love them all, I think I will need to save a lot of money before i could afford them first.

  21. Sal says:

    Sigh. Every pair is more mouth-watering than the last.

  22. Ana Laura says:

    I came here few times in the past and i just wanted to say that i love all the diffeent things and topics you can find here, also so eclectic.
    Many of the images are so inspirational!
    Much love

  23. KatLuvsShoes says:

    I love them all so much! A few weeks back, I bought these LD Tuttle The Creature Sandals:!.shtml
    I absolutely adore them! If I had the money right now, those Spectre boots would be mine!

  24. anne says:

    Shoes! Lovely!

  25. Susanna says:

    those shoes are wicked!! awesome. except I’m not sure if i like that fur thing going on there 😀

  26. Maverick says:

    Oh, I LOVE that first pair. Absolutely adore <3

  27. lulu says:

    let’s just say in those shoes you have to work it like the Queen on Sheba. :]

  28. Amelie says:

    The black ones at the very bottom are amazing, and the grey ones just aboce them too. Brilliant!

  29. akademiks says:

    I love style of the shoes. pretty cool huh,, hope i can have one of that, but im affraid to wear that, the heels too hugh for me, but anyways it reeally amazing. keep posting!

  30. y.kong says:


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