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So some of you spotted this pic on Facehunter of me "serving up a sad face" as one of the commentors so aptly put it.  Hey I'm not denying that I look sad, though it's not sadness per se but more like tired moo-ness.  Being "moo" is not like being sad.  Being "moo" is more like a combination of not enough sleep/food and not even having the energy to speak properly.  Hence why I've been speaking like I'm still at nursery school.


Still, enough of the moo-ness. There's only one way to get out of being "moo" but to talk about the good stuff going on in this outfit, and in general the 'deets' that seem to be making people want to immediately touch it, despite the fact that they're complete strangers.  All I seem to ever want to wear these days are these kind of tactile deets which get the fingers rubbing… 

So the Reem necklace which just has so much STUFF dripping off it has had people stroking a bit of chain there, a bit of broken bracelet there… a friend said it was like a jewellery box had tipped open and spilt onto the chest.  That probably doesn't sound appealing to some but I quite like the haphazardness of it….especially when it's all pulled together with a satisfyingly big black bow.


The trousers/chaps are courtesy of Fanny and her wonderful cave… Helmut Lang.  Even I got tactile-happy with the two different kind of lace-up running up the leg.  Spotted.  Susie Bubble rubbing her hands up and down her legs like a perverted lunatic whilst trying to sip a Coke Zero with a straw at the same time.


Other deets of note are the giant gems on the KTZ sweater that got a security guard at Givenchy who I half expected to man handle me in a brash way (was waiting for a slot with Riccardo Tisci…), but instead touched my sleeve and said "C'est beau!".  Then there's another pair of rubbable trews that everyone mistook as being Gareth Pugh but are in fact vintage.  I love that whoever made them had the sense to not carry the fishnet mesh up the thighs so they don't require further leg-layering, something I often do…

IMG_2380 IMG_2381 


Oh and the jacket is another story for another post… but yes, the furry collar is also of the touchy-feely ilk…

Finally, this one wasn't so much tactile as it was finger-pointing-friendly.  Anthony Vaccarello graced my head with his headdress from his collection and a brilliantly intricate tubular beading spaceship had landed on my head.  Evidently that prompted quite a few finger-points at the Jeremy Scott after party.  It's also something of a weapon so I guess if the finger pointing got vicious I might do a Billy Goats Gruff-style charge and poke them with the horn of my headdress.


"Touch me Touch me with your madness thing. Touch me touch me. Make me swing…" True dat Leilani…true dat…

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  1. Until one actually covers the shows, it’s difficult to get across just how knackering it all is! The lack of food & sleep always gets me. The fact that you can even think about putting together outfits impresses me – by Paris I’m fresh out of enthusiasm! LLGxx

  2. This post. Oh my god. I openly admit I would probably walk past and want to touch you too! Yep, speechless, it’s all so good 🙂

  3. Completely love both of these outfits Susie! Those chaps are seriously amazing and I think I’d be touching them non stop if they were on my legs too.
    Can’t wait to hear the story on that incredible jacket as well…

  4. You rock both outfits! Haha, I must admit I’d probably want to get all tactile with you if I ever saw you on the street.

  5. it’s all about the details and you, susie do layered textures like no ones business.
    if it’s not too much to ask (it probably is, since you already have enough on your plate) but after the hub bub from fashion week(s) die down, could you do a post containing photos of any outfits you wore to the various fashion weeks that havent made it onto StyleBubble yet?
    i know it’s a lot to ask and that you dont particularly like doing ‘this is what i wore today’ posts, so feel free to ignore the request. but i (and im sure many others) would definitely appreciate it!

  6. Ah the thing is sometimes photographers didn’t snap them…. and I honestly don’t remember what I wore for most of London because I was dressed so haphazardly….New York is pretty much well-documented…
    Paris is a bit sketchy too but I will try and fill in the gaps….

  7. That black fur collar thing is PERFECT! As are those trousers. I have a vintage top which is pretty much identical.

  8. Your outfit selections always surprise me – such brilliant/forward thinking combinations. So hard to pick a fav, but the fur collared jacket and the ‘moo-look’ are definately up there with my all time favourites of yours. x

  9. Totally agree with alixrose’s comment. Your outfits are glorious and you’ve got a great way of describing your ‘deets’. When I’m feeling down or tired I tend to get lazy with my outfit, which makes me even more depressed. Your style is once again an inspiration. It was sooooo boring to see another girl wearing a Balmain jacket at fashion week.

  10. thanks so much susie! t’will be very much appreciated. looking forward to it.
    but do take your time to relax, de-stress and de-moo!

  11. I just saw the picture of you on Facehunter, and really, you are the fiercest person on that whole blog. You rock, Susie!
    Also love, love, love the headpiece you are wearing on this last pic:)

  12. The security guard thing is so creepy, the way he touched you and said “c’est beau”, ewwww!
    You look like a fairie princess unicorn with that little hat on, precious.

  13. I was going to comment on everything I liked, but one look at that jacket (leather?) silenced that. I ADORE those skinny sleeves and that gorgeous collar!
    I so look forward to the separate post on it 🙂

  14. OMG everything is absolutely amazing! Wow, it is like a tactile experience on crack or something, cuz that is just freaking brilliant!
    Yeh, I too would be sorely tempted to wanna touch the necklace, the coat and maybe the chaps, but then I would remember back to when I was pregnant and complete strangers would touch my belly, like it was okay or a Buddha for good luck (who the heck knows why they wanted to touch mah belly), and I would get all “Don’t touch mah belly, what the hell?”, and they would be all “Aw, how cute, pregnancy hormones” and I would be all “I keel you.”
    Yeh, something like that…

  15. So, Moo-ness is what I had this weekend! I was so tired on Sunday afternoon that I couldn’t even speak properly, and people made fun at my constant mistakes all the time… Now, I feel kind of relieved 😉 Btw, love the jacket in the second outfit, gorgeous!

  16. ahh i want to poke at everything too!
    hope you get some good rest and high cal substance in your body soon to get over the moooo!

  17. i want that reem!!!
    have i professed my love of her before. where on earth is she selling at exactly? or are they made-to-order?

  18. My god Miss Susie, those outfits are simply amazing. AMAZING! I must know more about the coat!
    I’m still so very conservative when it comes to layering (although I am trying!) so coming here is like an injection of inspiration.
    In love.
    Thank you!! Please get well soon x

  19. Oh Susie! I hope you’re ok! I caught the news on DazedDig and on Imelda’s blog, and hear that you’re on your way back to London and that StyleSalvage Steve is going to look after you good and proper! Get better soon! Good food is a MUST! 😀
    Hugs, miss.

  20. Susie, if that is what moo looks like, I’ll take that any day…stunning. Let Steve get you back to 100%. These outfits are definitely over the mooooo-n!

  21. Rubbable trews… lol. they are indeed very tactile – the deets in all outfits I mean. And I don’t think you crazy for rubbing your hands up and down those Helmut Lang chaps. I would do the same! Even if it wasn’t me wearing them! lol

  22. I love your look with the fur coat on. Great job on the layering! One thing though, perhaps it would be better to throw in a nice piece of dark eye wear, after all, they’re not only good for concealing eye bags but for putting an exclamation point to your fashion as well.

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