I so enjoyed being encased and wrapped up in Sachio Kawasaki's graduate collection cape, dress, tights and shoes for the Fashion156 shoot last year that I of course wouldn't mind doing it all over again in this ensemble from his latest A/W 09 collection which was presented as part of Japan Fashion Week.  A more delicate and sellable collection than his graduate one but still playing with oscillating wavy lines and a monochrome palette, complete with the most attainable, yet all important component – printed tights! 



I distinctly remember one year of Comic Relief when they were flogging 3-D glasses to experience Comic Relief in 3-D and sadly after all the anticipation, I failed to see anything through those red and cyan cellophane lenses.  Except everyone came to school and said it was A-MAZ-ING.  So I ended up nodding along and saying "Yeah…it was sooooo cool!".  This is a similar scenario with Magic Eye pictures – I would look REALLY hard and still see nothing whilst everyone was making "I TOTALLY see it!" declarations.

There was a time when I would question whether there was something wrong with my eyes.  How does one explain to an optician that they can't see 3-D video and Magic Eye pics.  When I got the Marios Schwab invite for the A/W 09-10 show, I was a) wondering whether we'd have to use the glasses or b) whether I'd be actually see anything and whether I'd have to make up a "Oh yeah it was amaaazing!" line afterwards.

Thankfully I FINALLY saw the whole 3-D dealio.  Schwab sent out anaglyphic print dresses that were built up in contours of layers and volume and as they moved the pattern on the dresses looked like they were in motion too, jutting out in different ways like jagged rock formations.  Yes, I could finally describe what I was seeing as opposed to making up some lame fake vision (surely harder than faking an orgasm/high experience if you're not sure what exactly it is you're supposed to be seeing?).  3-D prints aside, I was stunned by Schwab in the ye olde way that I was used to during his first few formative seasons.  From exploring more fluid shapes in the past two seasons, there was something harder there again – well, quite literally HARD as Schwab was exploring crystal fissures and the changing state of rocks. 

Marios Schwab

(Photography by Kate Rodgers and Patrick Lindblom)

From the ambiguous rock formations in 3-D on Schwab's dresses, we get something more literal from Dutch fashion collective And Beyond who presented this 3-D based collection last year that consists of patterns where you can make out flowers and palm trees….

Yay, I'm finally getting the hand of this whole 3-D malarky!

Another day and the boyf ain't back yet and the tripod has taken its legs for walkies so it's another scramble photo collage. 

Somebody commented that there was a definite increase in the amount of black in my outfits.  I'm not really one of those people who need to be sheathed in black all the time and I'm certainly not one of those people that think that by dressing in 'chic', 'timeless' and 'classic' black (I don't even think the colour black actually asked for those attributes to be bestowed upon it…), somehow denotes a higher grade in fashion kudos. Oh and currently having spent the night rewatching one of my favourite ATV Canto dramas "I Have a Date with Spring", I'm having a fetish with gross stage costumes in the brightest, yellow, blue, red and whtie (only a select number of people will get that reference…), so black is at this nanosecond quite far from the mind.  However, I have come to find that on days where the moo-ness level is on a real high, turning to black for some quick-fix moo-ness shelter is quite handy.

Well, this Jean Pierre Branganza jacket is my moo-ness defence mechanism.  Restorative, protective and productive – I'm forced to use infomercial-type trio phrases here.  Restores my happy spirits, forgetting that I'm feeling moo and instead conscious of this hulking beaut of a jacket on my back.  Protects me from people on the street who might detect my moo-ness as it puts up a shield of slightly distressed, shiny and hard leather and a huge collar of furriness.  Produces a feeling of "Yes I can!" (did ya gag a little there?), even if it is just walking up and down the high street wearing this and my creeper boots, feeling like I've accomplished something just by doing the local shop in Morrisons (a harder task than I had imagined given that shopping bags now imbalance me rendering me unable to walk…).

Restorative, Protective, Productive…  JPB gives me RPP…. oh the fun in meaningful acronyms…

Salvphoto1 No, I'm not purposely trying to make my pictures look arty.  I can't seem to find my tripod and the boyf is out of town so here's my outfit shot for today to illustrate that I'm basically living in my Salvatore Ferragamo black bow pumps. 

Someone commented that indeed in Ye Olde Style Bubble days, I was constantly in flats, Ferragamos included.  This flat shoe period was partly due to a teenage fear of heels and also coincided with a time when I was also coming off a major Converse crush and was flitting back to Hong Kong a lot, buying ten pairs of cute cheap flats in the process. 

With the ankle still in a wobble, I'm turning back to my old faithful Ferragamo friends because as it turns out, the itsy bitsy heel gives me just the right amount of leverage to lift off my foot so much so that they turn out to be far more comfy than wearing Converse where I have to lift the arch more.  Now it's gotten me in an eBay frenzy where I'm frantically watching a ton of shoes to nab any US size 8 Salvatore Ferragmos with that unmistakable glinting gold and grosgrain bow.

Saved by the Salvatore… I knew I wasn't into old lady shoes for the SOLE reason that they make my feet look neat and tidy…