It’s All in the Grain…

I know I should be mass-image reposting but I really did have to share these images that were taken by Dazed Digital contributor Kasia Bobula during London Fashion Week… the significance is that the trio of designers here: Mark Fast, Mary Katrantzou and Craig Lawrence were also all featured in the *still-raving-about-it-shamelessly* new issue of Another Magazine with Tilda Swinton pulling off their ensembles with a mind-thudding amount of raw grace (psst… digi version is free online if you're after it…).

Not to toot the office horn or anything but I really do think Kasia has captured a beautiful energy in all three of the designers that makes me really REALLY excited about their future, clamouring to see what they will do next more so than the bigger names on the schedule and even more eager to save up for their pieces because I feel like in the same way that early McQueen or Westwood is treasured, these early stages will also have that same cache in the future. 

Mark Fast's knitwear is achingly delicate – one strand and it looks like the dress could fall away and like the last collection, this season Fast continues to explore those techniques that are mind bendingly seductive.  The sexiness in each dress is the strong kind that I admire, similar to what I see in my friend Anthony Vaccarello's collection (he's showing in White Club in Milan at the mo…). 





I got all excited when I found out Mary Katrantzou's collection was inspired by vintage perfume bottles seeing as I too had a mild obsession of searching for them on eBay.  I should have instantly recognised the glass facets and prisms of colour in those signature prints on the dresses.  Mary has extended her collection to include more separates too which is too enticing…





Craig Lawrence has found the best way to use up leftover girly wedding ribbon.  Knitting the stuff to make jumpers, dresses and giant pom poms.  I'm so glad he got to show at the Blow Pop-Up Show because it takes a model striding down the catwalk to see what Craig is all about; i.e. pieces that move magnificently.





51 Replies to “It’s All in the Grain…”

  1. I love the overall styling of Katrantzou’s collection, and the “busy” prints which would usually make for too much for my taste are actually quite fetching…

  2. Craig Lawrence is my new idol. The pink/rosey stuff are a little unnerving but the lightlooking shapes make me wanna jump around just to hear the tickly fruffing of the clothes.

  3. OMG! Those last ‘pompons’ are unreal! 🙂
    I’m falling hard for Mary Katrantzou! And the Tilda Swinton shots cinched it, love love love MK’s designs!

  4. the knitted ribbon is incredible, and i love the makeup in the first collection, they do say you should get in the bath with your makeup on to let it set before a night out!

  5. The wet-hair look is really appealing, isn’t it? I want to try it…maybe there’s some goop that makes your hair stay/look wet and mermaidey like that.

  6. Ok, where the hell can i buy me some Mary Katrantzou? I have been looking around and online since you first posted about it about 6 months ago. Btw, I’m in Britain, but not in London.

  7. i really loved mark fast’s work. as for mary konstanau, i was a little disappointed with her collection as it seemed to be a direct rip off of this seasons alexander mc queen’s liquidy-metallic-non metallic patterns. the actual pieces up close looked cartoonish.

  8. Love the Mark Fast designs, they look so bad-ass and yet delicately feminine. The makeup at the Mary Katrantzou show is very cool, but the designs… so-so, at least in my teeny humble opinion.

  9. I wonder if the highstreet shops will come up with some knitted ribbon items now. The last pic is amazing, like she’s part of a fantasy movie.

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