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Yesterday, as I was waiting in a rather depressing hospital in a room called "Box 2" (you can't BOX me in…it's just not right…), a debut presentation by new label Heal was taking place which I was supposed to go to.  I'm posting about it without having seen the clothes in person hoping that the name will speed up my recovery.  In any case, the images on their website give enough cause to warrant a post.  The Schiapparelli vibe is most certainly in the house what with the lobsters and exo-skeletal thing.  Whilst we await what is to happen to thise house that is supposedly getting a revival I'm quite content to see these contemporary re-interpretations though. 

Heal is made up of Herve, who concentrates on the shapes, cutting and forms and Alice who is an illustrator… that's about all I can gather from the fairly long French bio.  Anatomical parts and fashion can be a tricky path to tread; overly literal and you can start freaking people out.  The idea though is that from body parts, organic and natural looking beauty can manifest itself.  I guess in Heal's case, it has worked for them.  Even the cartoon-like lobster dress has a certain finesse to it.  Of course, being obsessed with navy, it's the darker pieces with the body moulding, cups and subtle embellishments that are making my heart flutter.  How's about I pop on one of these dresses with some jewelled flats and go about my merry way with my crutches? 









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  1. thank you miss susie for this update…i wish you a super quick recovery, you’re too great anyway!
    The heal project is really impressive.
    thanx again

  2. Hey there.. This is my first time visiting your site. I love it,and I knew you looked familiar. I’ve seen you on Garance’s site. You have great style!

  3. Oh no Susie! I hope you’re recovering well and I guess just think of the time in the hospital as free time to catch up on internet browsing…I know that’s not much consolation 🙁
    Oh and I like the clothing very much too, as usual I’m a sucker for incredibly intricate technique.

  4. Those pieces are absolutely amazing!
    I’d like to nest in that outrageously comfy looking coat for a start.
    The dresses are wonderfully sculptural, I get a bit of a sci-fi feel from them & I love the unabashed quirkiness of the lobster number, genius!

  5. Heal indeed Susie! Sounds like a painful fall you took there missy. But my what gorgeous pieces these are 🙂 Hope you’re back on your feet in no time.

  6. Love these clothes. And you haven’t missed a beat, what a pro.
    I have empathy for you, the sprained ankle and use of crutches, been there. Crutches first, then foot. You’ll be better in no time.

  7. Loving the angel of death/pigeon look going on in that strapless dress!
    Yet another wonderful discovery from reading your blog…..thank you x
    I would love it if you would take the time to just glance at my blog that has only been going for a wee while now
    and if you have any advice/criticisms they would be very appreciated….

  8. The dress in the third picture is awesome, and I like the last picture. The silhouette of the jacket is great, and the oversize of it is perfect. And the shoes, gorgeous!

  9. I usually don’t comment but I even had a dream about these clothes last night. Seriously this collection is making me salivate, I want every single piece, the lobster dress, the coat, all of the trousers, the boots and and and……. Oh dear me.
    Gimme gimme gimme…..
    Thanks for posting such inspiring amazing fashion pics.

  10. Oh, I love that lobster dress to bits!!!
    If you’re still in Paris you have an excuse to hit Repetto 😉

  11. Oh yeah, I love both the navy dresses, and the jacket with wings – and I quiet lie the grey dress too – since I’m loving grey at the moment.
    Hope you’re feeling a bit better today!

  12. i’m french and i know well heal! great structure new experimental shoulder and volume sleeves. All on the structure and wearable as well. Great blog!!!! hope the fashion week was great for you. Like your style and the blog. Hope you will visit mine and leave comments!!!

  13. i love those funky wedges in the 4th picture!!
    they are just so P E R F E C T.
    anyone know where i can get my hands on a pair like those??????

  14. The Schiapparelli Vibe is spot on, that lobster dress made me laugh though…but more so the models pose. Then again, if I were wearing that dress, I’d be tempted to pose like that too.
    Hope you and your ankle get better soon! x

  15. o my god dey r one of the best creation ive ever seen honestly i mean it… if i had money i wud have purchased all of dem.. truly heaven!

  16. So I’m new to having a blog, so I’m not quite sure of the “etiquette” but I love yours, and I linked it on mine, and was wondering if you’d do the same for me. It’s a brand new little baby blog.

  17. I love this collection, it’s quiet the same in shape and structure and balenciaga pieces!
    Especially like the midnight blue piece!
    Great post, get well soon!
    Fashbashsoundclash X

  18. Winnie beat me to it – there is definitely some major Schiaparelli homage going on there; the similarities in structural form and the variety of materials used is very impressive. Loving the Wallace Simpson Lobster dress salute!

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