Hangul = Spirit

Hangul = Spirit

Tonight at the Korean Cultural Centre, a fashion and design exhibition (on until 16th May) revolving around the Korean writing system Hangul opened up and the bulk of the exhibition was dedicated to a retrospective of Paris-based Korean designer Lie Sang Bong who has infused iconic Korean cultural motifs (Hangul included)into his work.  I've waxed lyrical about Bong's work on the blog before I even started turning up at the shows in the past two seasons so it was really something to see the pieces that I'd only gawped at on Catwalking before, in person… the S/S 08 Triadisches Ballett-inspired collection for example.  Yes I ran my fingers through the circles of fabrics that adorn the dresses or the S/S 09 triangular structural feat that incorporated precise digital printing in gradiated blue…


I didn't capture brilliant images of the A/W 09-10 "The Hunger" collection.  It was beautiful aggression indeed especially when we're talking about the intricate and sharp lasercut leather pieces and chunky tassels mounted upon volume-laden shoulders. 


My own jutting out shoulders courtesy of Gemma Slack's S/S 09 collection (note: I can wear level platforms again…) seemed tame when compared to the adorned shoulders going on above and has given me the will to go for shoulders that aren't just big and sharp but high and ornate too…




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  1. KD

    2009-03-30 at 11:13 PM

    Wow . . . beautiful. I must go look up more of him RIGHT NOW because all these pictures you showed us are amazing amazing amazing. I also need to look up Gemma Slack! 🙂

  2. Beatriz

    2009-03-30 at 11:14 PM

    Wow! This kind of fashion really reminds me how fashion is not just beautiful things to wear, but also works of art. Being Korean, I really appreciated this post, since I’m not very informed on Korean fashion. Thank you so much! Where us this cultural center?

  3. Madeline

    2009-03-30 at 11:15 PM

    wow those shoulder pads look great. I love those leather cut outs. They loook like something you would wear.

  4. Kay

    2009-03-30 at 11:15 PM

    Woahhh this is amazing! Some serious material manipulation going on there.
    P.S. You look amaazing in that outfit Susie, and I never realized just HOW pretty you are! I mean i knew you were but you look especially lovely in those pictures

  5. Brigadeiro

    2009-03-30 at 11:22 PM

    Oh my! That Gemma Slack dress is SO gorgeous Susie! LOVE it!
    And that Bong’s pieces are just truly amazing!

  6. cassiopeia

    2009-03-30 at 11:23 PM

    Oh wow! Those are some amazing pieces of clothing! It’d be crazy-cool to play around with those cut-out pieces. I so hope you manage to aquire some and show us how they could be worn! 😀
    The amount of work that goes into those clothes must be phenomenal. Sigh.
    P.s. LOVE your dress 😀

  7. SOS!

    2009-03-30 at 11:39 PM

    I love the cutouts and the tyre shaped dresses…
    xx-LJ from SOS!

  8. Sabrina

    2009-03-30 at 11:47 PM

    I loved Lie Sang Bong’s spring collection! Thanks for the heads up for fall. I’m loving it even more! I was searching Ebay for lasercut pieces the other day. Nothing interesting…

  9. Ashleigh

    2009-03-30 at 11:52 PM

    WOW you look amazing in that dress! seriously, i know its a very much simpler outfit than your usual but it suits you so well!
    im dreaming of more lasercut to hit the highstreet, as my bank account sadly does not stretch this far…

  10. WickedPlumVtg

    2009-03-31 at 12:07 AM

    That dress does flatter you very well, the shoulders are pointy, but not TOO pointy, ad has just enough detail on it to make it stand out a bit more than most little black dresses.
    Those other pieces are amazing too! Just wow! I love the graduated blues in those dresses, just so pretty!

  11. Winnie

    2009-03-31 at 12:09 AM

    Susie your dress is amazing. The leather cut out dresses are breathtaking. The details are unbelievable.

  12. AJ

    2009-03-31 at 12:33 AM

    Where do you buy your tights from and can you get them online? I’m in Australia and am finding it hard to find amazing styles/colors like yours!!
    Thanks 🙂

  13. polaroidme

    2009-03-31 at 12:50 AM

    I heard the speech you did in Miami in the Rubell gallery, it was awesome!
    <3 your style
    check out my blog if you get a chance,
    beijos lulu

  14. Too Many Tights

    2009-03-31 at 2:04 AM

    Okay… you have to tell me where you got those printed tights. And how they printed them. I must know…

  15. Faith

    2009-03-31 at 2:40 AM

    Oh wow. Just wow.

  16. Cammila

    2009-03-31 at 4:06 AM

    How I envy you girls with petite little frames, who can wear shoulders like this and not look like a linebacker.
    The textures in the pictures above are so varied, I feel sensually confused just looking at them. But in a good way.

  17. susie_bubble

    2009-03-31 at 8:45 AM

    The tights are actually REALLY REALLY old H&M…. ppl never believe me when I say that….I’ve never seen ones that are similar… well in terms of colour anyway… I like the way in some light they make my legs look tatooed…!

  18. Film Upstart

    2009-03-31 at 9:10 AM

    Susie you look amazing – gosh all grown up and savvy!! The dress is gorgoeus and you wear it well. The collection is incredible – I’m into Korean films and their film industry big style and now it seems I need to get with the fashion programme too.

  19. Agata Natalia

    2009-03-31 at 12:37 PM

    You look gorgepus,your outfit is really awesome and I love it except of the shoes,those flats from the previous post would have looked better.No offence 🙂

  20. selina

    2009-03-31 at 1:18 PM

    ahh how versatile but totally effective, i’ll be stuffing my shoulders soon!

  21. A chicette in Paris

    2009-03-31 at 2:45 PM

    Oh wow! Your outfit looks great!! Great collection!!! 🙂
    Kisses from Paris!

  22. Libby

    2009-03-31 at 3:10 PM

    I love those shoulder pads, it looks like something you have wore before.his designs look like the future or at least how the movies portray them.
    Libby http://www.fashionconfectionairy.weebly.com

  23. sarah

    2009-04-01 at 8:48 AM

    OMg a chainmail dress – that’s the coolest thing EVER!!! Love it:)

  24. hiromix

    2009-04-01 at 11:11 AM

    susie~! man, do i love it when you write about all things korean and fashion ^^ seoul fashion week just finished and i was lucky enough to catch IMseonok and Lee Young Hee’s collections. two very different designers, one being slightly avant-garde, steering towards suit ensembles in the style of dries and ann, and the latter very traditional and haute!
    love love love it when report about international designers that are not based in the 5 major fashion capitals.
    x hiromix

  25. fashion tidbits

    2009-04-01 at 9:59 PM

    Lie Sang Bong is the best!

  26. name

    2009-04-02 at 9:12 AM

    I would love to have a chinese guy skin a live fox or a bunny right in front of you and have you wear it..Wouldnt that be a statement.

  27. Elle

    2009-04-02 at 10:10 AM

    You look stunning! That dress is perfect.

  28. Thuy

    2009-04-02 at 10:42 AM

    Annyong Haseo! You look adorable! The Bong-Designs are amazing and très futuristic! Love it!

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