Get Ready for the Pie Chart

Clearly I have too much time but hey, I'm just living up to my Fashion Geek namesake as deemed by last week's Stella magazine in the Sunday Telegraph… and in a rather sardonic piece in Friday's Times T2.  So here I am with a bunch of fashion week outfits, categorising what I was wearing and putting things into pretty pie charts.  If I'm really honest, and if I had it my way, what with my love of spreadsheets, I'd actually really like to put my entire wardrobe into a neat database just so I can reel off odd statistics like… 15% Uniqlo, 2.5% stole-from-mother, 90% Febreezed-have-yet-to-wash-beause-can't-afford-dry-cleaning-bill.  You know, the useful things.

In all seriousness though, in my head I already sort of knew how the percentages would fall under the loose categories of vintage, designer, high street etc…. but it's still nice to know that things are stacking up pretty evenly and were I to dissect the categories further, it might make make my wardrobe look even more spread out and all over the place. 

Will let you know how I get on with the wardrobe documentation and whether a Cher-in-Clueless type outfit co-ordination programme comes out it.  Then I will license it and make my millions and run off and buy a house in Aruba…*wuhahahahaha*


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  1. Oh how I love this. Perhaps even more than the pie chart, the admission that most of your stuff is Febreezed into the middle of next week. Just like mine!
    Damned dry cleaning.
    Also adore the outfit recap. Such fun to see ’em all in one place!

  2. so i’m continually surprised when you never mention all saints… do you not buy from all saint/not like their clothing? i just feel like for such a cheap price with interesting (while pretty much being rick owens ripoff) designs. so, yay? nay?

  3. I love this idea! Something I’ve been thinking about for a while… especially the Clueless element… but my wardrobe is too small. Or creating something like a friends wheel (a la Facebook) – what’s paired with what, and which two garments never meet up. Fun.

  4. Gosh, what a fabulous pictorial parade of truly inspirational outfits!
    I love the unique & rebellious way you put your outfits together, you are like a breath of fresh air in a generally quite conformist trend led blogosphere, this is one of the main reasons to why ‘Style Bubble’ is my favourite blog read bar none!

  5. Love how % designer designer = % vintage.
    Love them ALL, such gorgeous gorgeous outfits! The outfit with the Marni/yellow pants & the one to its right are my faves, just stunning!!! I seriously need that jacket! 😉

  6. you have such a diverse array miss Lau. Translation for londoners; fackin’ell poppet…6 pence of clobber mayte. First two at NYC are killer. How was NYC anyway…did you attend rendez-vous there…???

  7. I have qualms about All Saints’ quality having had bad experiences with pieces before…the thing is even though the prices are supposedly reasonable (I think they’re a little steep for what they are…)…I’d rather save it up buy something else…

  8. That jacket with the sectionally puffed sleeves is delightfully assaulting my brain. It’s like a set piece from Barbarella meets a costume from a Shakespearian play, meets the fiercest balloon animal ever. Except, you know, hot.

  9. This is the only time I’ve ever thought statistics was interesting. Oh Susie, how I’d love to raid your closet..
    xx-LJ from SOS!

  10. ha! awesome, i love charting. i’ve been contemplating applying the principles of probability to my closet and figuring out how many combinations of tops+bottoms i should have in theory. but then i figured it would probably conclude that i should have enough non-repeating outfits to last me at least five years, and that i really don’t have to buy another new thing ever again, and really, who the hell wants to hear that..

  11. Wow, that pie chart is cool! Each of your outfits is enough to make me die a million times over, and I never use that phrase.

  12. Why do you keep taunting me with pictures of that puffy sleeved jacket. I must have commented at least 3 previous times admiring, but can’t help it, am far too jealouse.
    Butting in on the subject of All Saints, i always think it seems too expensive, especially as many of the same items seem to hang around for season after season without going on sale or selling out.

  13. I likes the pie chart ever so much… and it’s great seeing so many of your outfits in one place, makes me appreciate them more, i reckon. Appreciate the GENIUS of ’em x

  14. I thought that piece in Times 2 was rather rude to be honest. It also sounded like they were implying you were Japanese which is kind of clueless, but I find the journalist who wrote it is rather clueless in general (and probably jealous she wasn’t attracting any street style photographers!)

  15. Ah, Susie, you are the cutest thing since sliced bread![Yes, I know, it don’t make any sense to me either!]
    Love your outfit posts, always fun, original, inspiring!

  16. I’m constantly amazed by the sheer balls that you possess that let you wear such cutting edge designs with such confidence. I’d never have the courage to wear such outfits, and yet you never look anything but amazing. Keep inspiring us!

  17. Your outfits are all so quirky and eccentric in a fantastic, inspiring way. I think it’s great that you love to experiment. You make fashion fun as opposed to pretentiously serious like I”ve seen many people take it. Thanks for the inspiration every day!

  18. running off and buy a house in Aruba? *Wuahahaha* ?
    hahaha… hate to admit this but I was actually laughing out with you *sweat*
    *sigh* i think everyone’s dying to rip off your style… hehee… I would!

  19. is it me, or am i the only one shocked that most of the fashion week wardrobe was high street!! you go girl, and you mixed it up so well that no one would have noticed/glad you are not ashamed to wear the odd highstreet!!! although comment up above..I really do not think all saints is cheap!! me being a cheap ass and all. and not only that, after buying a dress for £90 just because me and my friend fell in love with the pleating and panels (which is how we justified paying said monies for a black dress), the stiching and pleats fell apart as soon as we hit home. REFUND MATTEEE!!!! that is not the one.

  20. i need a susie poster on my wall, so everyday when i’m staring blankly into my closet black hole i can look at you and the lightbulbs will go off in my head!

  21. More stats please Susie, Im an Excel geek so got very excited at the pie chart! – plus I love all of the outfits being in one place. This is one of the best posts yet!

  22. This post is hilarious – my teenaged dream was to have that computer program that Cher had. I love applying technical/mechanical stuff to all my frippery. Is there a program that could make one a database of all ones clothes and you just enter tags for each item and then you can check what percentage of purple things you own at the click of a button? That would be amazing.

  23. I’m already working on that Cher wardrobe program, but got fed up with feeding stuff into the database (someone has to actually go through all the clothes and enter the data, that’s the drag). I also wanted statistics on which brands I buy most (and ask H&M for some stock)

  24. Ooooo – I love a good pie chart. Actually, geekily – I AM interested in the finer detail breakdown of actual brands…he he. Can I just say again, the T2 article was dreadful for all included – what were they thinking?

  25. Well, as a finance/fashion writer, I love your little breakdown of your wardrobe. If only we could get some derivatives or some clothing bailouts to up our trends. Or perhaps do like Paris fashion week did and veritably flip off the recession:

  26. Hey Susie! Maybe it’s weird to say this as your blog has only been online for a few years but looking at this overview makes me think that you have really grown up and developed your style in the most wonderful way. And seeing these outfits really make your thought processes and ideas in other blog posts suddenly make sense to me 🙂

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