All the Way From the Land of the Dodo

I would have been incredibly selfished and not tipped these newish eBay listings had I not been denied access to my eBay account (I've lost my password and don't have access to my email address which I originally registered with…I may have to *gasp* start afresh and lose all my wonderful postive feedback!  Boooooooo!).  So I will grin and bear it whilst I'm eBay less and big up Mauritius Archive – no pro-like eBay store yet but I'm sure it will only be a matter of time! 

The name is in honour of the habitation of  the extinct Dodo bird and whilst primarily the store is about vintage items that are contemporary in feel, Mauritius Archive hopes to sell books, records and other bits and bobs too.  Of course, vintage of this sort isn't ground breaking and there are plenty of sellers who do this niche of vintage very well indeed.  Even the peeps behind Mauritius Archive admit it's nothing ground breaking but the point is that it's nice to spread the eBay wares around as opposed to having the concentration of eBayer scavangers heaped on a select few sellers that result in some crazy pricing (I've sadly had to stop browsing the popular uns' Mama Stone, Maki Maki, Violetville etc as the prices hurt my head…).  If I had the ability to eBay, I'd be fighting with you guys on the draped biker jacket, the criss cross leather shoes and the loose hooded trench…


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  1. wow i saw this too! but i only posted the shoes because i was trying to save the jacket for myself. (well my “blog” is new but still…) but now people are going to be all over it! like that glovedup sale

  2. Hmm…I like!
    And I agree about the vint pricing gone haywire at some shops. It makes me not want to tell people about smaller stores that I find.

  3. Gah! I love it all! That bag would be the most amazing tennis racket case ever, imagine showing up with that at your local plain-vanilla country club!

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