The Odd Fit


I can't say that I wear a lot of tailored pieces and even if I do, it never looks like I'm wearing something tailored.  Nobody is ever going to say "Ooooh Susie, you look SHARP!"  That's sharp as in, on the ball, professional and ready to get a job done.  However, this doesn't mean I don't have secret yearnings to look sharp.  The allure of tailored pieces that fit like a glove that become the building blocks of a wardrobe hasn't entirely escaped me, despite the fact that I scrunch my nose up at the so-called 'wardrobe essentials' that people like to harp on and on about.  It might be the influence of the boyf who dreams of owning a bit of bespoke/Savile Row tailoring so much so I can almost see dream bubbles floating above his head whilst he's asleep. 

Still, if I was ever going to be going down the tailored root I'd hope that there would still be something a bit "off" about it.  That's not to take away anything from Alex & Eli's wonderful A/W 09 collection below.  The skirt being a wee bit longer, the jackets cropped a bit shorter and the heavily texturised wools in the collection makes the tailored pieces all the more appealing for me.  I was already intrigued by Alex & Eli aka Anna Zeman and Aja Singer (both Parsons graduates, one of which I met backstage at the Rodarte show where she is interning…) and their cream and mint green loosely tailored S/S 09 collection.  With this new collection though, I think they've hit their mix and match suiting stride.  At the very least, they've convinced a tailored suiting skeptic such as myself that I too could possibly look sharp.  Mind you, give me one of these ensembles and I'd probably wear some neon lace socks, some customised heels and an embroidered organza t-shirt with the neat jacket and skirt… that's as sharp as it gets for me I'm afraid…








All the Way From the Land of the Dodo


I would have been incredibly selfished and not tipped these newish eBay listings had I not been denied access to my eBay account (I've lost my password and don't have access to my email address which I originally registered with…I may have to *gasp* start afresh and lose all my wonderful postive feedback!  Boooooooo!).  So I will grin and bear it whilst I'm eBay less and big up Mauritius Archive – no pro-like eBay store yet but I'm sure it will only be a matter of time! 

The name is in honour of the habitation of  the extinct Dodo bird and whilst primarily the store is about vintage items that are contemporary in feel, Mauritius Archive hopes to sell books, records and other bits and bobs too.  Of course, vintage of this sort isn't ground breaking and there are plenty of sellers who do this niche of vintage very well indeed.  Even the peeps behind Mauritius Archive admit it's nothing ground breaking but the point is that it's nice to spread the eBay wares around as opposed to having the concentration of eBayer scavangers heaped on a select few sellers that result in some crazy pricing (I've sadly had to stop browsing the popular uns' Mama Stone, Maki Maki, Violetville etc as the prices hurt my head…).  If I had the ability to eBay, I'd be fighting with you guys on the draped biker jacket, the criss cross leather shoes and the loose hooded trench…


Lurve is In the Air

"LURVE is an independent magazine, led by a team of passionate people who were looking for a fashion publication ahead of trends and with more depth,yet visually striking. Miles away from the usual fashion glossy, the bimonthly magazine puts the emphasis on emerging designers and artists, new talents and creators of ourfuture."

This will be all over the blogs within a few hours I'm sure and I hate posting press releases that have clearly been blank emailed to about a gazillion people but how could I NOT be intrigued by the statement above, the title of the magazine which I thought was some sort of jibe at the recently launched-LOVE magazine and the fairly limited info about the mag…

-I'm assuming it's US-based because of the price of $20 (not completely unreasonable if it's a bimonthly and it's fairly substantial) which I'm sure a lot of you will jump for joy seeing as there is a lack of fashion indies over the pond compared to Europe.  Fashionista was only recently complaining of the differences between Conde Nast UK and Conde Nast US, given that the former has just launched a new glossy.  So maybe this will be something to "Hurrah!" about.  Except people in the USA don't say "Hurrah!"….Ooops…

-They're putting out a democratic vibe with the first issue themed around NO, due out in April asking people to DO, INVENT, THINK and FEEL – possible motion for fashion DIY's?  Certainly doesn't look like it from the slick format of the cover but we shall see.

-Something a bit like Lula?  Charles Anastase ad (is it sad that I really like this shot…) on the back cover is just a minor clue…

-Terence Koh, Francine Spiegel, Meryl Smith and Chadwick Tyler are some of the names that are being talked up in the first issue meaning I'm guessing the cross-section over art, fashion and photography is fairly even in the mag.

-The bit that intrigues the most and will have me pre-ordering a copy is this: "Emphasis on emerging designers and artists, new talents and creators of our future."  Yes, please – more of that in beautiful glossy format…

**EDIT** So the peeps at Lurve very QUICKLY emailed me to add a few notes to my random observations.  They came up with the name LURVE before Conde Nast had even announced Love magazine's arrival.  So it's not some sort of comeback dig at Katie Grand.  In crytic fashion, they say they're not US-based and that LURVE is from everywhere!  Indeed…