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I swooned a bit with KOS posted a rather lenghtly bit of prose on Emilio de la Morena's A/W 09 collection.  I may have only rushed in at the last minute to catch this portion of the show (Emilio de la Morena showed back to back with Krystof Stroznya) and there may have been a large head in front of me, but the beauty of Emilio's work is that even from afar you can make out the shapes that stomp down the catwalk.  This applied to the A/W 07 dress I borrowed for the Gucci shindig and certainly applies this time. 

In fact, even from my tip toed position, I immediately felt like Emilio had gone back to those uber sculptural roots that first made me sit up and notice him.  Perhaps it's down to this season's sculptural inspiration (every season, it's a different sculptor for Emilio who was a sculpture student to begin with…) of Eduardo Chillida.  The curved shapes were literally transplanted to the tops and shoulders and I'm glad there was no sign of Emilio holding back or taking that inspiration and only subtly incorporating it.  The colours were equally strong and might even overturn my petrified opinion of the colour red, especially in that slightly burnt/scarlett shade.  Emilio didn't style it this way but all the colours seem to call out for monochromatic outfits completed with matching tights, shoes and hair completely up so as to avoid distracting the shapes that are going on from the neck down.  


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  1. ****Wowzers****
    I think I could volunteer my services to road-test any of these ……….
    ; )

  2. amazing, these look more like they were drafted from blueprints than drawn up from a pattern, and i can imagine people in hardhats running around the studio as these were being constructed!

  3. I loved this collection. Emilio de la Morena is an artist, he’s got a gret vision of space and volumes…what I hate is the fact that not many people know about him here in Spain, the place he was born and the places where he gets lots of inspiration from.
    I wish I had seen the show, snif snif.

  4. the shapes are amazing – and I love the big beads on the bottom dresses – i need some NOW.
    Love your photos in Garance Dore by the way!

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