Linder Loves Nicoll


One reader has already cleverly predicted my love of Richard Nicoll's latest collection. (Sidenote: Nicoll's site ranks highly in my books along with Rodarte's…me thinks it's the use of backstage imagery…geekout moment over.)  Spot on, my friend, spot on.  What were the obvious signs – the clever references to corsetry, yet another take on underwear as outerwear which I shall never tire of, the amount of that perfect shade of blush pink and nude, the brilliant cut-outs that could so easily have been superfluous tricks but actually give proper shape and structure to the clothes?  All of that?  Well, yes I guess those were the obvious signs.  Actually though, it was the fact that Nicoll collaborated with Manchester-based artist Linder Sterling on the prints in his collection which sealed the dealio for me.

If you don't know the name Linder, you'll at least recognise the photomontages she has been creating for the past thirty years or maybe her associations with the punk/post-punk scene in Manchester.  The prints she has created of the soft porn pin-up girls collaged against blown up images of flower details is a fantastic continuation of her exploration of female portrayal in society.  More importantly, they add an aspect to Nicoll's collection which suddenly makes me look beyond his reputation as a perfect shirt-dress designer.      


Kate Rodgers and Patrick Lindblom shot some brilliant backstage images that captured the print, especially the trench piece covered in that slick PVC.  I know I keep saying"Oh I'm hoping to wear this next season…." – an empty statement that could turn out to be a waste of time… I am however making a conscious effort to at least attempt to acquite SOME of the things I type words about.  Saving up for quality, less chaff, more craft, less chat, more action and all that.  Still, if I don't quite make it, I could always use the invite for Richard Nicol's collection which features Sterling's print and some Dylon Image Maker to print onto a t-shirt dress. 


Lost Time


I'm a bit gutted that I didn't get to go round the London Fashion Week exhibition tents that much this season.  You do need a good portion of the day to REALLY see everything and truth be told, it's actually one of my favourite parts of fashion week, going to exhibitons, showrooms and tradeshows, speaking to designers one to one and having a relaxing cup of tea in between.  The other question that surprisingly hasn't popped up on the FAQ?  How do you find all the designers you talk about on the blog?  Places like the London Fashion Week Exhibition, Rendez-Vous and Tranoi in Paris and if I was ever in Milan, White Club – all of them wicked hunting grounds.  I go round, grab a business card if something interests me and then if I have time try and speak to the designers only to see their crestfallen faces when they find out I'm not a buyer but a measly blogger.  Truly fun stuff.  That wasn't sarcasm at all.  I enjoy the rejection.  

I'm hoping that one day there will be a comprehensive site for LFW where people's lookbooks, collection images are all uploaded onto one site at the time of fashion week as a central point for everyone to start ogling at things earlier on, open to the public because let's face it, if a mug like me can go into a tradeshow, anybody should have that right.  Before that happens though and since I didn't get to go round the exhibition as much…at least Fashion156 got to preview some of the people exhibiting like Tim Ryan who I've finally met in person, William Tempest and Romina Karamanea, who both did shows but whose catwalk images aren't widely available and L.F. Markey who I didn't even know was doing another collection.  Let's get info and images out there…power to the people and all that malarky! 





Pretty Impermanent Feet


These Basso & Brooke (can't wait to see their updated shots of their new collection on their own website…) x Raouda Assaf S/S 09 shoes aren't mine to keep, they're a size too large and quite a difficulty to walk in.  However in the instance of the EXTREME beauty of these shoes, I'm making an exception with these outfit depiction pics that are strictly classified as 'ONLY FOR SITTING PRETTY IN THE HOUSE', because pretty much all my outfit pics I've taken are outside-friendly.  Oh and pretty is a tawdry understatement. These are basically magnificent feats of footwear.  Big feat for big feet?  Not sure on that wordplay… they really are a tad too big for me though and the straps are slightly too loose.  I repeat these are not mine to keep but I simply HAD to sit pretty in the house wearing them at least once and photograph the evidence… and if I COULD take them outside, I would, especially with the pastel shades of my bargainous Josh Goot dress which I wore on the last day of fashion week.  Not that a statue would ever be erected in my honour but if there was to be one (I imagine on top of the bus stop outside my local newsagents would be an apt location…), then these are the shoes that I'd pose in…

Never been more content to sit still and do nothing but stare at my feet…





As I said in a previous DIY post, I well and truly represent all the unskilled lemons with fat fingers out there and without a sewing machine (STILL haven't got one….the boyf's bday pressie had to come first…), I can still only attempt what monkeys would try and do.  Except that's an insult to monkeys who are in fact highly intelligent creatures so I'll just say that anybody who's a lemon with fat useless fingers can do this….

As unskilled as I am though, I haven't quite completely lost my head and when embarking on DIYs, I try to keep the raw material costs down because I then don't start weeping if it all goes horribly wrong.  Therefore I chose these Zara grey ankle boots which I didn't buy from Zara at all but got them for ¬£2.50 from eBay instead (cheeeeeapskate alert!) to trickle my favourite shade of nail polish over the toes and heels.  I've been addicted to Rimmel's Coralicious after about a year and a half of wearing no nail polish.  It's an all or nothing kind of thing hence why I'm getting into lippie again.  

IMG_1327  IMG_1328

Since I had nothing to lose but a pair of useless grey patent boots that were gathering dust, I got trickle-happy.  Pouring nail polish felt very decadent for some reason.  Though, the fumes coming from the polish may have been so heady as to render me feeling like I was some evil wench-bitch character in a period drama, and thus the association between decadence and pouring nail polish.

It needs a few more coats and trickles but I'm fairly happy to wear them out with the similarly coralicious over-the-knee socks (first and last time you will see me adding "-licious" do anything but de…).