My prep for Paris fashion week selfishly involves getting the wardrobe ready.  Yes, I am there to do work and there's plenty to do to prep the serious stuff up.  Let's face it though, what goes into my suitcase also needs SOME thought.  I'll actually be upfront and say it requires meticulous planning that involves scary lists on the Blackberry.  Sadly I don't belong in the "Oh?  I just threw some shit in my case…." camp.  Too little and I end up buying crap in Paris that I won't ever wear when I get back.  To much and I end up with a case that gives me giant red welts on the hands everytime I try and lift it up. 

Seeing as I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to eat with a ¬£=EURO exchange rate, throwing a lot of money at the outfit situation ain't gonna help.  Hence the recent high street binging yesterday and more today – at H&M to be precise.  Shoes were actually the last thing I expected to buy there considering my increasingly selective policy over footwear.  These cream lace-up wedges though were precisely the sort of all-purpose walking shoes that I needed considering the fact that I'll now be staying smack bang in the centre of Paris and therefore won't be Metro-ing much. 

I couldn't quite shake the feeling that they needed something done to them and in this crappy DIY section of mine, shoe fix-ups are quite prominent.  In the spirit of that, I bought some of these cream camelia plastic bracelets, cut-em-up and bunged them on the wedges.  I could almost describe that in a Gordon Ramsey's F Word recipe voiceover – H&M – WEDGE – BRACELET- CUT- TWANG (the elastic of the bracelet) – GLUE GUN – STICK – WAIT – DONE.  One advert break and they were finished.  I may get another bracelet to add more to the wedges but basically all I need to do now is carry an emergency tube of superglue around with me lest I lose a flower or two… and off I go…



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  1. Leia says:

    Love what you did with the shoes! If I sent you some ¬£¬£ will you make me a pair? 😛
    Have fun at PFW! x

  2. Amanda says:

    Great idea! Those shoes were cute to begin with but now they are fantastic. Good luck with your packing

  3. Carol says:

    They look so so cute, good job:)

  4. Ambroisine says:

    Well done, they are lovely like this ! Enjoy your time in Paris 🙂

  5. ondressingup says:

    O that’s DIY fun! I’d never thought to do that to my wedges. I know want to buy a glue gun.

  6. They were great before, but now they’re oh so “Susie”, which is a great thing 😉
    There’s this glue called E6000 that you can probably pick up at a shoe repair shop, it’s generally used for making jewelry, and will keep those flowers on there for good. Have fun in Paris!

  7. niceandshiny says:

    Oooo ooo oooh, lovely! The little roses look so sweet on those wedges, what a great idea!
    Good luck packing, I’d dreadful with it as well. A lot of planning is sometimes nessesary, as I always end up regretting not bringing something along!
    Have fun in Paris!

  8. Brooke says:

    genius! i would buy them.

  9. hey, these shoes are great…

  10. The Lady says:

    Ahh I love them! What an amazing idea!!
    Have so much fun in Paris, what an adventure!

  11. juanita says:

    Seriously? You call those walking shoes? I love heels, but seriously, you have to be kidding me. Those aren’t walking shoes.

  12. susie_bubble says:

    No really! It’s the wedge…. can walk for miles in them…it’s stilettos I have trouble with!

  13. Male Mode says:

    Such understated chic. Am now coveting cream loafers with a single flower on them…

  14. Brigadeiro says:

    Absolutely brilliant! They turned out beautifully! And I agree that the right wedges I can walk in for ages…
    Good luck with your packing 😉 (don’t forget to take me with you!)

  15. Laia says:

    i love these.

  16. Hapsical says:

    They’re amazing, you make it look so easy to transform something high street into something totally unique that looks like it’s by a hot, undiscovered, London designer. I love the idea of carrying emergency super-glue too.
    Maybe I should look into that because I still haven’t got over my Lego accessories, meaning I’m always liable to shower bits of Lego everywhere…

  17. moi. says:

    How soon are you going!!!!!…Devastee 3rd to show wednesday 4th. tranoi 5th, Rendez-vous 6th. *side-steps your hotel bill*

  18. susie_bubble says:

    Going on the 4th…will be seeing all those things…. I’m hopefully staying in an apartment…. should reduce the costs a little…

  19. tanya says:

    “Sexy as!” those were the first words that popped into my head when i saw those shoes. Apologies for the westie bogan side of me making an unexpected appearence.
    Ah love your DIYs! Hmm too bad H&M doesnt ship to Australia. Guess ill have to try this out on another pair of cheapie shoes.

  20. brooke says:

    Dang. At H&M? This…. really really makes me want to buy the same wedges and do the exact same thing. In fact I may actually do it.
    …I suppose it’s bad that I only comment on here when I see something that I am coveting. I apologize! I love all your posts!

  21. emlinda says:

    i love your shoes!! so creative!

  22. ohphilippa says:

    ah, i love the diy. as a person with limited (LI MI TED) funds i always love seeing what other people are doing to turn what they have into what they want. and this is great. they shoes were lovely to begin with but i think the flowers make them that much more special. have an amazing time in paris

  23. SRR says:

    The shoes look like a million bucks! The contrast of colors is just right as well. Enjoy the shows!

  24. cassie says:

    you are so creative!! i would never have thought of that!! it looks so cute =)

  25. es says:

    when oh when will h&m offer online shopping? curses.

  26. Fenny Wong says:

    You’re so creative.. For instance I thought it’s bought like that. Those flowers made the shoes unique!

  27. diamondhurts says:

    i always love your DIY, always…
    u’r adorable… keep it up susie!!! 😀

  28. faddict says:

    The DIY job looks rad! If superglue and I were friends I would attempt something like this!

  29. I swear for someone who gives herself little credit on her DIYs, you come up with the most cute and creative stuff.
    Adorable shoes. =)

  30. Miss Glitzy says:

    I like it very much, this is a brilliant idea. As for the wardrobe I don’t really believe there is a “Oh I just threw some shit in my case…” camp and always suspect some kind of lie…

  31. pretty face says:

    Those flowers are gorgeous
    and I am spectacularly jealous of your Paris trips xx

  32. Love the shoes…it’s the second pair from H&M that I’m liking recently. I definitely need a trip to my “around the corner” H&M store (aka 150miles from here) and also a lot of ‚Ǩ/¬£/$/whatever…!

  33. Susie I really love these!!!

  34. FOXYMAN says:

    I love them, they’re very awkward (in a good way) but fabulously architectural and unique (and i can’t stop looking at them). Hope you have the best time in Paris!!! so jealous 🙂

  35. juliet says:

    I love the DIY idea!
    juliet xxx

  36. Chiqui says:

    Hello!! I am surprised because I have a belt my mother wore years ago and nowadays I wear it, and also it was made by herself, and this white belt has the same flowers as your shoes…I am so sorry I can not show you any photo at the moment because I do not have any photo camera. Anyway thanks a lot to be there with your fashion knowledge and show us your creations. Lots of kiss from the south of Spain.

  37. Oh my God, your shoes!! kick-ass!!!

  38. SOS! says:

    nice and quick hehe. They look lovely now with the plastic roses, you should deffo do more DIY projects.
    have fun in paris!
    xx-LJ from SOS!

  39. great idea, i would def cover the heels completely in the flowers though, will look fantastic!
    Mathilde xxx

  40. coco says:

    great work!°

  41. Nicole Then says:

    wow you are just so creative! thank you for sharing 🙂 it’s lovely

  42. Anonymous says:


  43. Tuffer says:

    great simple and fun addition. and pretty cool shoes for H&M.

  44. meredith says:

    I LOVE it! i will totally try this to some of my “boring” shoes…. i finished painting my oxfords with nail polish….they look way cool!

  45. meredith says:

    oh, and use indoor/outdoor epoxy glue for gluing. it’s like 10 times stronger than superglue and can handle outdoor elements…superglue doesn’t work so much. you can find the epoxy at hardware stores.

  46. michelle_ says:

    great DIY idea ! inspired me to stick together the many free extra buttons i got from buying clothes onto some piece of fashion item 🙂

  47. Geraldine says:

    I HEART them! I get into one of those moods here and there, I go out and seeking a certain item but then Ill end up at the craft store buying a stud gun! Kudos my deary!

  48. Georgie says:

    Great Diy job 🙂

  49. selina says:

    haha love the gordon ramsey tutorial- if only all diys were that striahgt forward! i love the flowers, will be keeping an eye out for some of the bracelets on the cheap, it would be funny if you were all over jak and jill and everyone was wondering where they were from!

  50. MizzJ says:

    Wow you took these otherwise ugly shoes and made them fantastic! These would look so great if you went totally Lolita with them too and matched it with pure white lace tights and a pouffy white dress!! Argh I wish I could actually live out these fashion fantasies sometimes. Hehe you could open an Etsy store and sell your DIY’s 😉

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