Dickensian is here to stay….I have a hankering for a grey top hat a la the horse racing scene in My Fair Lady….trying out this mobile blog malarky btw…. 


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  1. tasha says:

    Susie, on my Google Reader, all of your email signature block is showing up (your mobile and so on) for this post. Just thought I’d let you know. =/

  2. alixrose says:

    Oh Yes! Glad to see it top hat love alive and kicking.
    Mobile blogging… it looks great. Way to go Susie!

  3. Same thing here with the signature showing in the RSS feed. You’d look perfect in a top hat like that. I often search Ebay for them.

  4. He’s Willy Wonka travelling incognito!

  5. Faith says:

    I’d totally die of happiness if this trend became the norm amoung guy… can you imagine??

  6. Jen says:

    I want a top-hat wearing boyfriend now…

  7. Tr√®s original ! J’adoooooore ! Cela me rappelle Ars√®ne Lupin en queue-de-pie. une mode qui se relance ?!
    :)TR√®s bon blog 🙂

  8. Anna says:

    Super Steampunky. I’ve noticed it around a lot, too: http://fernwehstill.blogspot.com/2009/02/life-change.html

  9. Farren says:

    OOH. I love headwear, although I rarely wear anything on my head. =/ How are you blogging mobiley?

  10. dapper kid says:

    I seriously need to buy a decent new hat. Judging by that hair being similar to mine, I may have to seriously consider a top hat!

  11. wow. Willy Wonka much? that’s excellent.

  12. Anna says:

    All I can say is: what a hat!

  13. cassiopeia says:

    amazing. there’s a girl in college who wears one all the time, even if it doesn’t go with her outfit. lends excitement methinks.

  14. Priscilla says:

    so effing cute!
    you’re on garance dore…you look magnificent!

  15. Very nice, very nice.

  16. Brigadeiro says:

    OMG! It’s Pippin!

  17. k says:

    oh my, that’s a particularly nice one.

  18. k says:

    faith, part of me agrees with you. another part wants it to remain as-is so we can ascertain who’s genuinely into it and not be wondering if the dapper kiddies are simply trend jumpers.

  19. miss a. says:

    OMG, if I ever saw this man in real life, I would demand that he be my new boyfriend. Mmmmm, Dickens was a sexy bitch.

  20. Ha! If that’s not worth mobile blogging about, I don’t know what is x

  21. Meg says:

    Every woman on that bus behind him, is fantasising that’s Darcy having a bit of a ‘Lost in Austen’ moment.
    Seriously surprising chapeau moment though…

  22. Lam says:

    i guess the hat is from WORLDSEND lol…

  23. Suzanne says:

    Seriously! That hat is amazing, I never thought that someone would wear it in this century when it’s not meant to be an act.

  24. fant says:

    I remember the hat from My Fair Lady – http://rapid4me.com/?q=my+fair+lady . In the movie it looks ok, but now… 😉

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