As I said in a previous DIY post, I well and truly represent all the unskilled lemons with fat fingers out there and without a sewing machine (STILL haven't got one….the boyf's bday pressie had to come first…), I can still only attempt what monkeys would try and do.  Except that's an insult to monkeys who are in fact highly intelligent creatures so I'll just say that anybody who's a lemon with fat useless fingers can do this….

As unskilled as I am though, I haven't quite completely lost my head and when embarking on DIYs, I try to keep the raw material costs down because I then don't start weeping if it all goes horribly wrong.  Therefore I chose these Zara grey ankle boots which I didn't buy from Zara at all but got them for £2.50 from eBay instead (cheeeeeapskate alert!) to trickle my favourite shade of nail polish over the toes and heels.  I've been addicted to Rimmel's Coralicious after about a year and a half of wearing no nail polish.  It's an all or nothing kind of thing hence why I'm getting into lippie again.  

IMG_1327  IMG_1328

Since I had nothing to lose but a pair of useless grey patent boots that were gathering dust, I got trickle-happy.  Pouring nail polish felt very decadent for some reason.  Though, the fumes coming from the polish may have been so heady as to render me feeling like I was some evil wench-bitch character in a period drama, and thus the association between decadence and pouring nail polish.

It needs a few more coats and trickles but I'm fairly happy to wear them out with the similarly coralicious over-the-knee socks (first and last time you will see me adding "-licious" do anything but de…).



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  1. Love it. As a DIY know-nothing, I find this kind of project very appealing. Especially when the results are so fabulous.

  2. whaaat? this is so good. Give yourself some credit Susie, your DIY ideas are always really unique. I just love this. so simple but effective…

  3. i did something similar with white paint to my cuban heel tan leather boots back in ’94. i was inspired by margiela’s early collections back then. everything got the white paint touch up…

  4. Susie those are AMAAAZING, when I first saw them I didn’t even realise they were a DIY project and was about to be all “I love how they look like paint has been dripped on them..” or something equally lame.
    Nice work, and good point on the raw materials costs.

  5. awesome!! though I’d prefer a pair of black boots!! it would look like I came from “sin city” πŸ˜‰

  6. awesome!! though I’d prefer a pair of black boots!! it would look like I came from “sin city” πŸ˜‰

  7. This is pretty awesome! It really does not look DIY! this is like a reminiscence of Sergio Rossi’s last collection πŸ™‚
    gah, that is currently my favourte shade of nailpolish. i love the idea on the ankle boots.. i already have the nail polish so let me go find me some dusty old boots…

  8. ^Yes I kicked another lemon with fat pudgy fingers to death….
    For some reason I can’t photograph the colour properly because in real life it is actually coral….something about the tone of pink…

  9. awesome idea! i was totally thinking of doing that to a pair of black oxfords i had but with different colors. check out my DIY gladiator boots….they won’t disappoint you!!

  10. It does look like you stepped on a small animal….
    Its very interesting Susie, but does it chip off your shoes like it would on nails?

  11. Susie, this is fab. I feel like such a fangirl gushing, but this is so good!
    I’m itching to do my own DIY projects, but I’m so terrified I’m going to royally ruin them.

  12. They look great – you make it look so easy. I may have to have a go myself. Hmm I am thinking maybe fluorescent nail polish on my grey biker boots.

  13. De-coralicious! That isn’t to say that it’s not coralicious, rather to say that it is deliciously coralicious…
    Not, but serious (ooh this is addictive) those shoes are AWESOME. And trust you to deem a pair of boots ‘useless’ πŸ˜‰

  14. Ohh, Susie, you’ve made my day. While others may be wearing Alexander Wang, you’re happily dribbling nail varnish on 2 pound 50 boots. And it looks great!

  15. Id nail polish on patent leather permanent? They are bloody cool..ahah… I’m all for DIY projects myself…at this time in the economy makes more and more sense!
    Thanks for your kind words you left on my blog. I’ve known your site like every other blogger out there for a while. I’ve also added your link as well. Thanks!

  16. I’m horrible at DIY… but I’ll try this weekend with some lace and a cardi… I saw the other day in other blog and doesn’t seem too difficul 😎

  17. what a cool idea is that!? it looks great. and i can totally understand that you wear you coral nailpolish all the time, so do i πŸ˜‰

  18. what a cool idea is that!? it looks great. and i can totally understand that you wear you coral nailpolish all the time, so do i πŸ˜‰

  19. ha ha! this reminds me of when i painted a photo frame with nail polish when i was young. Trickling boots with nail polish is way cooler though!

  20. (1) i can’t believe you were able to find those boots for such an awesome price. that alone is like, amazing to me!
    (2) i’m kind of digging the red paint. its like the longer i stare at them, the more and more i like them.
    great job, love your blog!

  21. This spat idea is genius, well executed too! And by the way…your legs look spectacular in those over the knee socks.

  22. Your DIYs alone are what made me want to start a blog. Your homemade creations are still number one with me!
    You say you used nail polish on these? Hmmm, interesting. I never thought of that, although I did use it to decorate my plastic recorder for 6th grade music class. Ah, the good ol’days, thanks for the idea! Brilliant!

  23. Your amazing job with the boots inspired me to try something similar with a pair of boring grey boots of mine and a can of blue spray paint. Let’s see tomorrow if I still love the result! Thank you for constant inspiration, I adore your attitude!

  24. Love this! Where did you get the socks? I’ve been trying to find coral socks and all I can find is pink or red or orange! I love them πŸ™‚

  25. ΓˆΓ»Γ£Γ‚β‰ ΓͺΓŠΓ Γ«β€°Ο€ΓΌΓ‚Γ¦Γ Γ‚Γ±ΓΊΓŠΒ¨Β’Γ”ΒΊΓ₯Γ‚Γ¦Γ β€°βˆβ„’ΓŠΓ„ΓŸβ€žΓ„Γ‡

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