I swooned a bit with KOS posted a rather lenghtly bit of prose on Emilio de la Morena's A/W 09 collection.  I may have only rushed in at the last minute to catch this portion of the show (Emilio de la Morena showed back to back with Krystof Stroznya) and there may have been a large head in front of me, but the beauty of Emilio's work is that even from afar you can make out the shapes that stomp down the catwalk.  This applied to the A/W 07 dress I borrowed for the Gucci shindig and certainly applies this time. 

In fact, even from my tip toed position, I immediately felt like Emilio had gone back to those uber sculptural roots that first made me sit up and notice him.  Perhaps it's down to this season's sculptural inspiration (every season, it's a different sculptor for Emilio who was a sculpture student to begin with…) of Eduardo Chillida.  The curved shapes were literally transplanted to the tops and shoulders and I'm glad there was no sign of Emilio holding back or taking that inspiration and only subtly incorporating it.  The colours were equally strong and might even overturn my petrified opinion of the colour red, especially in that slightly burnt/scarlett shade.  Emilio didn't style it this way but all the colours seem to call out for monochromatic outfits completed with matching tights, shoes and hair completely up so as to avoid distracting the shapes that are going on from the neck down.  


My prep for Paris fashion week selfishly involves getting the wardrobe ready.  Yes, I am there to do work and there's plenty to do to prep the serious stuff up.  Let's face it though, what goes into my suitcase also needs SOME thought.  I'll actually be upfront and say it requires meticulous planning that involves scary lists on the Blackberry.  Sadly I don't belong in the "Oh?  I just threw some shit in my case…." camp.  Too little and I end up buying crap in Paris that I won't ever wear when I get back.  To much and I end up with a case that gives me giant red welts on the hands everytime I try and lift it up. 

Seeing as I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to eat with a ¬£=EURO exchange rate, throwing a lot of money at the outfit situation ain't gonna help.  Hence the recent high street binging yesterday and more today – at H&M to be precise.  Shoes were actually the last thing I expected to buy there considering my increasingly selective policy over footwear.  These cream lace-up wedges though were precisely the sort of all-purpose walking shoes that I needed considering the fact that I'll now be staying smack bang in the centre of Paris and therefore won't be Metro-ing much. 

I couldn't quite shake the feeling that they needed something done to them and in this crappy DIY section of mine, shoe fix-ups are quite prominent.  In the spirit of that, I bought some of these cream camelia plastic bracelets, cut-em-up and bunged them on the wedges.  I could almost describe that in a Gordon Ramsey's F Word recipe voiceover – H&M – WEDGE – BRACELET- CUT- TWANG (the elastic of the bracelet) – GLUE GUN – STICK – WAIT – DONE.  One advert break and they were finished.  I may get another bracelet to add more to the wedges but basically all I need to do now is carry an emergency tube of superglue around with me lest I lose a flower or two… and off I go…



Dickensian is here to stay….I have a hankering for a grey top hat a la the horse racing scene in My Fair Lady….trying out this mobile blog malarky btw…. 


I went for a bit of a binge today.  Not even the good kind of all-you-can-eat-cake binge (damnit…. when am I get back to Hong Kong for dessert buffets).  Nope, it was sadly a Topshop binge.  I say sadly because what with the few opportunities that I get to shop these days, I should use my time more wisely.  That said, the few opportunities also happen to fall upon un-shop-like hours – i.e. hours that only Topshop operates (rumours of 24hr shopping hours at Topshop true or false?).  Still, I had a few intentions in mind.  To check out the new collabs (check…got a Richard Nicoll grey jersey-topped shirt…so bloody predictable…).  To see whether the peach Emma Cook boots were in yet (yes they are and they're effing sold out…they never made it online but are apparently getting more in… I'm forced to try a sneaky source to see if I can nab them before I shoot off to Paris next week).  To see the EDIT section that I talked about a while ago because lovely Kat (blub…she's is off back to Melbourne…blub) had already been.  Whilst I was tempted by a bit of Marios or Nakkna….it was the KTZ which I was really after.  I missed their Fash Off on the last day of London Fashion Week but I did see that they got New Gen support this season and their A/W 09 stuff is really really fantastic…more about that when I get hold of pics.

Their S/S 09 of gem-encrusted leggings, tees, sweaters, satin dresses and bodies are all at the EDIT section of Topshop and ripe for touching, taking the piss out of (so many ppl were spewing "WTF?" at the KTZ rack) and of course buying.  I went for the first and last action – a lot of touching and a fair bit of buying with the sweatshirt and the tee and were it not for the fact that they didn't have my size, I would have gone for the leggings too.  I love how the gems actually feel quite weighty when on, in a way that a lot of gem-encrusted things don't.  These are two of my frump-out-at-home ways of wearing them.  I'll be back with vaguely more exciting outfits soon.