Taking the M out of Mart

I had heard some cool things about New High (M)art, a store in L.A. that did some word play on KMart, gave themselves a tiny space in L.A.'s Chinatown (the opposite of a KMart…) and has played with the shop to host designer residences, changing installations and generally shaking up the conventions of retail in a way I wish more boutiques did.

Anyway, they've finally made their way online and yes, bear with the 400 px x 400 px images on the site (I want external pop-ups with super large images and I want them now…), the stock is all very spesh and not likely to be found elsewhere online.  Especially with New High (M)art's championing of Mexican designers, people that I'll undertake more research on.  I've read countless and nail-biting reports on retailers tightening up on budgets, going 'safe' to get the sales and I just can't imagine this store taking the same tact.  You have Teamo giant wooden hoop earrings, ramshackle jewellery by One Four Five One, industrial bangles by Gregory Alexander, knitted swimwear (a contradiction in itself…) by Denise Marchebout, mouse helmuts by T.E.M.O.R.E.S., sunglasses with attached heavy chains, Blanc by Franc Fernandez (who has done fantastic headgear for fellow LA-er Brian Lichtenberg) triangle hats, novelty bindis by Face and beauts of all beauts…

Some Marvin Y Quetzal platform shoes that are inspired by stripper shoes but are completely taken out of that context with polished wood, lace-ups and multicoloured woven sides…and they're in my size.  I just happen to be too poor to shop at this altered and warped K Mart… a pity…

(A lot of these names are to me so this links list comes in very handy…)


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  1. I heart those hooded dress and the texture of the leggings is G-o-r-g-e-o-u-s!The sculptured white skirt is nice too! Guys should we start to butter trade our stuff?you never know what dope findings we can get 🙂 btw i found another cool job. Conde Nast is looking for a Photo Editor and also Photo assistant

  2. They have a lot of really nice clothes there. I like their jewelry a lot as well, but a lot of it is really expensive 🙁 Some of the clothes aren’t so bad though:)

  3. Oh I got really distracted by the lovely rose print – the colours look divine! but then I’m easily distracted which is why I must get back to my studies. I do want to look like last pic and shop at grocers looking that fab!
    BTW don’t have much time to comment at mo and only speed reads too but am looking forward to next Weds with you and Agnes

  4. Thank you for posting this. I have been getting e-mails from high (m)art to my harputs market e-mail address, and since i get so much spam, i mistook them for junky LA designer crap!! But no!!
    Plus, they stock the “face” pieces by my friend David Toro. I think I might have to purchase some reflector brows, don’t you think?

  5. Hi Miss Style Bubble,
    Would you be interested in talking about your fashion choices and individual style for a commercial we are casting for?
    Are you London based?
    If so – or you know anyone who may be – get in contact: kerry.smart@academyfilms.com
    Thank you x

  6. Hi Susie!
    You can also buy many other mexican fashion designers at http://www.fashionmx.com. And please add me as one of your rest of the world links…www.thecitylovesyou.com/fashion…today i met diane pernet and she told me that u asked her about haters on blogs…i have them too :(. well i love your blog…MV

  7. if you’re ever in LA on the first Sunday of each month go to Ozziedots costume and vintage store in Los Feliz (Hollywood Blvd just east of Vermont). They have a clearance sale of selected items on the sidewalk – most for $1 each. A lot of it is basic thrift but there are a few nice pieces. And it’s cheaper than the Goodwill down the street. I snagged about 8 things – would have grabbed more but I was in the New Year’s mood of acquiring less. Ha. It starts at 11am and best to get there at that time. Not much left by noon.

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