Sweet Sweet Nao

Don't be too jealous of the previous post of forthcoming travels because I just know as soon as I leave The Big Smoke, something awesome/amazing/amusing happens in the capital.  Take this weekend for example.  Nao from Greenhouse PR is organising a rather sweet sample sale… not the usual argy bargy and wrestling with rails… a bit of a treasure treat that sounds like a cosy treat…


‚òÜ‚òÜTreasure 1: SUSAN CIANCIOLO precious pieces from past archive collections, one of a kind
‚òÜ‚òÜTreasure 2: Reem special items from past collections
‚òÜ‚òÜTreasure 3: Personal items from stylists & editors wardrobes incl fabulous vintage pieces, boots, accessories etc!

Love this still from Cianciolo's film Butterfly Girl… a dreamy affair…



It's the Reem items that I have a hankering for as it's quite difficult to find this 'salvage' designer (she rescues antique lace and gives them beautiful homes…).  Here are some of the samples that will be available…


On an unrelated note, Nao also co-ordinated this interview for Japanese mag Fudge with Leith Clark, editor of beloved Lula which hasn't come out with an issue for a while…?  The interview reminds me I need to do a bit more investigation as to what is going on…



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  1. If you like Susan, you should get her book Women of the Crowd. I know Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions sell them.

  2. I’m in this magazine (that issue) 🙂
    under new york, (meuden) in the polkadot dress… I just wish I had my hair and make-up done… 🙁 they often look for girls to do photoshoots with!!! Fudge Magazine is getting really really good!! I loved the shoot with the nail polish design they have in the back of the magazine!!!

  3. Aww, thanks for posting the photos of that Leith Clark interview! Her outfits are always so adorable . . .
    And I can’t wait to hear about your trip! Have a blast . .. and you shouldn’t feel guilty if you don’t get to post much. I probably wouldn’t post at all if I were off to Paris. 🙂

  4. amen to the lula comment!
    it always disappoints me when websites aren’t kept up to date also.
    its like they’ve died or something.
    lula=case in point.
    sad sad sad.
    but on the upside, i love your blog!
    chelsea jade.

  5. Reem is so inspiring! I am now making a beautiful salvaged dress that has so many different vintage pieces incorporated into it. The lace is what really turned me on. Her site has so much more eye candy. Do you know of any other designers like Reem??? LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Thanks for the post!!!

  6. Lula is biannual, right? So it will come out any time now. The last issue was winter and came out in August or September. So the summer issue should come out in February or maybe even January if we are lucky? I can’t WAIT!

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