So this is old news which I’ve just latched onto and had bags of fun rehashing in my own way… it was reported that Lou Doillon was seeking out a location in Paris to open up her own concept store and it would open early 2009… I haven’t a clue how this has been proceeding but I have taken her quote to heart…

“We’ll have a mix of fashion, literature, modern and old, with more of an English than French influence, and not conventional.”

…and have been imagining what sort of store it would be like and have come up with a shop that sold something along the lines of…


…all manner of vintage top hats which dear Lou is extremely fond of, the unisex yet playful men/womenswear of Yuko Yoshitake, Baptiste Viry‘s equestrian waistcoats, jewellery and straw hats to nochalantly perch on the head (whilst wearing denim dungarees, Reem Alasardi’s vintage fabric creations, Obesity and Speed’s slouchy tees to slide off the shoulders perfectly, Todd Lynn‘s Dickensian touches, Uncommon Matters strong porcelain collars, Arielle de Pinto‘s delicate threaded jewellery, actual dance shoes by the likes of Bloch and Capezio, flat lace fancies by Givenchy, a good array of battered leather shoes by Marsell, vintage crinolines to add a flash of colour or to peek out from underneath layers of Charles Anastase, Hermes scarves tied up in an assortment of ways as a tribute to Doillon’s mother, a constant stock of Luella’s S/S 08 cat masks that go so well with the top hats, Holgaroid cameras and film in store for people to snap the fun and hi-jinx that goes on in the store, lovely Etsy injections from I Heart Norwegian Wood (aka Angie Montreal…) whose jersey fringe skirt needs to be taken to cape/top/dress form, tea in vintage cups for everybody with a PROPER selection of infusions, a selection of Persephone books with wonderful inside covers…and…

…an early Noel Coward soundtrack playing on a gramophone…

This is of course pure fantastical tosh that probably bears no resemblance to the actual outcome (given that my imaginary shop doesn’t stock the Doillon staple of Lee Cooper denim…) and yes, perhaps I am just not-so-secretly churning out my own shop fantasies…

Still, if Doillon is after a non-Parisian store, then I think the formula above does the trick…just pick up the phone Lou, and call me on +44 SHOP-CONSULT and we can have a natter about it…

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  1. laura says:

    great collage! I particularly like the idea of ‘Noel Coward soundtrack playing on a gramophone’
    I can totally see that xx

  2. I LOVE IT, the luella mask has been in my heart for what seems like ages. Baby you got bloody brilliant taste. I’m admiring that brown skirt with the layers.
    ♥, China L.

  3. WendyB says:

    I would love to have a top hat.

  4. songy says:

    Ditto with WendyB. Hang on.. do I see waistcoats with belts? I would love that too!

  5. greta says:

    oh, i love lou doillon & those shoes.
    how amazing things!

  6. diza says:

    Which oh which online shop are those gallery of hats from

  7. CM says:

    Love the concept! That collage is awesome too! By the way, where are those corset ballet shoes from?

  8. K-Line says:

    Hey Susie: Did you read on Twitter that Angie got engaged yesterday?

  9. rollergirl says:

    just gorgeous! I would so shop there…

  10. reeraw says:

    a child of jago! perhaps also diary of a nobody? bleak house? mary barton? must be entirely victorian library.

  11. kirsty lee says:

    snap. i saw that norwegian wood skirt the other day and though ‘aaah that needs to be a top/jacket’.

  12. Nil says:

    I want them all! You totally do that shop consulting thing I’d definitely buy your fantasies, just look at them!

  13. miz says:

    I’m not sure how you managed to encapsulate exactly what I would want in a shop in collage form, but you just did it!

  14. KD says:

    I meant to say,
    I want petticoats and lovely flats. NOW.

  15. Row says:

    The ultimate fantasy boutique – I love it. Maybe a reader interactive event….what’s your fantasy boutique…?

  16. fawn lust says:

    where are those waistcoats with the belts from?

  17. susie_bubble says:

    Fawn Lust: They’re by Baptiste Viry…. I wrote about his wonderful waistcoats a few weeks ago…

  18. -Yes, I am engaged (!)
    -Yes, I will be promptly making tops/dresses/jackets covered in rows and rows of jersey fringe (!)

  19. Sister Wolf says:

    The perfect shop! Paradise! Let me just spruce up my credit card.

  20. Sandy says:

    haha you prolly surpassed what her real shop will be like! anyways this is the first time I heard about Reem Alasardi….he’s brilliant, thanks for mentioning him!

  21. selina says:

    any relation to mystic meg, susie? i can so see basically allll of this in her shop, although i think she could have rode out her it girl status for a few more seasons without having to do something drastic!

  22. idil vice says:

    Oh, Susie – what a fitting compilation!! It’s like you did all of her work 😉 I am kidding of course, as it takes a lot more to open your own store and come up with the concept, but I am amazed at how seemingly quickly you came up with this selection of things that totally represent her spirit and taste for all things rock n roll… well done!! idil vice

  23. Sunset says:

    Awesome. Menswear ftw.

  24. fashionista says:

    lou is gorgeous
    love her style

  25. Victoire says:

    Looking good Angie! Loooove Ariel de Pinto as well!

  26. lala says:

    wow, that was really amazing. i can nearly smell that store. you are one fantastic and inspiring muse. lots of love. lala

  27. berrak says:

    omg. this is the best news EVER

  28. Bronwen says:

    Hey there! I am struggling to find a contact for Style Bubble!
    Can anyone help me out- I dont know why my eyes are failing me- there is probably a contact link somewhere but cant find it!
    Would love to get in touch with the brain behind the site!
    Thank you
    x B

  29. AtteriawerA says:

    Nothing seems to be easier than seeing someone whom you can help but not helping.
    I suggest we start giving it a try. Give love to the ones that need it.
    God will appreciate it.

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