I was stuck for a ridiculous amount of time outside the Louis Vuitton store on Champs Elysee in a taxi and found myself staring at the neon Stephen Sprouse display in the window.  Really, I think I managed to out-stare an inanimate object if that is at all possible.  Truth be told, I've always been a leeetle bit drawn to this particular collab, lusting after none of the objects that have come out of the collaboration but always giving them a bit of my Susie Ponders time.  Somewhere between the ubiquitous leopard print scarves and now the rose print, I figured out that the element that is really attractive to me is the cartoonish interpretations of the prints…

One step further and the second collection from Sibling, a London-based knitwear trio has basically answered my cartoonish print prayers (the best sort of prayer I might add…).  Enlarged leopard print, unlikely colour combinations, added embellishments all in mensizes, which isn't that much of a barrier.  I mention Sibling now because I saw a piece in action on Sid Bryan, one third of Sibling, last night.  I couldn't help but notice the superb craftsmanship of the embroidery on his grey sweater that it almost obliterated the fact that the sweater depicts pink mice crawling all over.  This almost eleminates the memory of when I looked inside a freezer at a pet store and saw bags of frozen mice and replaces that memory with this beautiful piece instead.  Anyhow, I'm going to have to figure a way of procuring one of these sweaters/cardis to start my new affection for animal print, despite the fact that they're only stocked in BEAMS Tokyo.


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  1. Emily Rose says:

    Wow! I love the colorful sequined animal prints! I read your blog every day, thanks for sharing all of your outfits and finds!

  2. WendyB says:

    Giant leopard spots. Yay! I loved that green Vuitton dress when I saw pictures of it, but I saw it in the window of the store the other day and it looked terrible on the mannequin. If it doesn’t look good on her perfect, plastic body I think I’ll take a pass!

  3. Hapsical says:

    I think the best thing about the Louis Vuitton are the neon rose lights from the window display.. I’d love a couple of them.. Smash and grab perhaps?!!

  4. mary jo says:

    Loving these sweaters–thanks for making me re-think them. It’s true, the longer you look, the more they grow on you!
    xo Mary Jo

  5. LOVE these! Wow. They’re only in Tokyo? Such a shame.

  6. KD says:

    Yes! Prints are awesome. Especially really unique ones.

  7. anon says:

    man if you hadn’t pointed out that it was mice i would’ve contined to think that he had lovely light pink leaves all over his sweater. hm.

  8. winnie says:

    Wow I thought the mice detail was a print before I read it was embroidery. Beautiful!

  9. pretty face says:

    I <3 leopard print! Why don't I have any??? Anyway, thinking I'm not going to start with LV sprouse..

  10. Julie says:

    Guys in twin sets! I know that wasn’t the point of the post, but whaaaa?!

  11. Ian says:

    The yellow sweater is killer. I think this is the most ‘tasteful’ use of leopard print I’ve seen since ever. I want it all.

  12. Sara says:

    I like the funky leopard print with updated colours… not yellow and black!

  13. Myla says:

    PLEASE figure out how to get one of their pieces and then let us know how you did it. I have been dying for one of their sweaters for too long!

  14. Anna says:

    I admit that I love all things leopard print, but I certainly would not want
    my man in leopard print(in those bold
    sweaters). But I absolutely love the
    LV green dress!

  15. RITZZ says:

    i would like them on ME.

  16. Zhori says:

    collection 2 is much better than the 1. same path, different landing points. i wish theyd bring em here in germany. :`(

  17. calamityjem says:

    The dress gives me goosepimples for all the right reasons, the coulour is vivaciously bold & the roses (being my favourite floral print) rock my socks off!
    The leopard print sweaters & tops are cracking too.

  18. Wow, love that rose print, kind of reminds me of 80s Versace in a way. Also the animal print cardis in sequins are jammin.

  19. Tina says:

    That guy with the mice shirt srsly looks like Alton Brown.

  20. Sister Wolf says:

    Ooooooooh! Unbearably wonderful, all of them!

  21. home girl says:

    leopard print totally deserves this kind of treatment in my book – the bigger and more garish the better. lets all start a campaign to get women’s sizes happening and online ordering!

  22. Tam says:

    love the green dress XD

  23. Tom Le Coyte says:

    Hey Susie, Those knits are out of this world. Just the thing that i’ve been searching eBay for, there really isn’t enough leopard print for men that isn’t on underwear (is you can call string and a pouch underwear…).
    Any help/advice on procuring these threads?
    xx Tom

  24. banahna says:

    These fascinators reminded me of you, i think you would greatly enjoy the whimsy of them. Take a look:

  25. josh says:

    i love the motorcycle jacket-sweater! those knits are amazing!

  26. sparklicous says:

    om i so need that whole collection! how can they not be available outside of tokyo???? mental! i have money here burning a hole in my pocket!!!!

  27. Nicole says:

    when i saw the window in the LV store in San Francisco, I had the same reaction!

  28. Sunset says:

    I am especially loving that blue/pink cardigan! And the sparkly black sweater! Such a good eye.
    Hm, does the first dress remind anyone of Ed Hardy…? Just a bit? :/

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